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Please provide feedback on the aXd menus.

See URL in first post to view menus; 1.1. MB mkv file at

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      Remind me, which terminal was your preference?

      I prefer st with st-scrollback-ringbuffer-0.8.5.diff patch. There is a st-nordtheme-0.8.5.diff patch if you want it to blend into your dwm build.

      (2.3 MiB + 729.5 KiB = 3.0 MiB st)

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        I have been on the fence with st since antix-dwm 21/22 releases. It has been included but I never got it patched to my satisfaction.

        I am going to make time this release to focus on getting it patched where I am not switching to an alternative terminal.


          Well, by default, in antiX, a right click only displays the rootmenu. If possible I would keep that default behaviour in any antiX derivative.

          I have a rootmenu prototype working!

          My only challenge is the applications menu is a static list. I am going to back burner how to enable users to update easily and, initially, just provide instructions on adding applications. Not ideal but I need move to other release items.

          I will post a new video for comments in this thread once I have tweaked a few items. A day or two.


            Updated video (1.1 mb) with new context/rootmenu.


            @PPC, love feedback.

            The primary author of the menus is dusk’s author, bakkeby, using bash and xmenu.

          Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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