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      Got a call from 0044 1436 881273 this morning, first thought not another death!.

      If you are bored or want some fun just let the number ring then quickly end the call, do it a couple of times the scammers will
      probably call back, waste their time as long as you can stand the hogwash they want to give you.

      Turned out to be an interesting conversation,
      Sir your name is George, is that correct. Why not be George for a while so yes.
      Sir I am Microsoft support executive, your computer is connecting many times to our server and giving us trouble.
      Sir if this keeps happening Microsoft will remotely disable your computer permanently.
      Sir please give me your Microsoft product key, er how many computers do you own. Answered 5, Which windows version are they running sir.
      10, Ah one moment, )I must talk to my supervisor.
      Sir all of your computers are full of virus trojan and junk, you must allow our ms support to clean it for you.
      Sir i need the product keys of all of your computer.

      On and on in an attempt to remotely connect to my windows 10, er antiX 21 system. After about 25 minutes I got fed up and told the person
      my thoughts in a manner not postable on the forum and that I run Linux. The return reaction was not friendly as expected…

      I tried to get an IP for the scammers computer, the lady was very careful, guess they have been targeted back before.


        The return reaction was not friendly as expected…

        LOL – that made my day
        If it was me, I would have scare the s*** of that person, saying something that you were the boss of the Special Ciber Crime Unit, and that she should stay put and not touch the computer, because the police patrol cars were already heading for the location of her IP address.
        Just to keep the gag going a bit more I would just say stuff that people are used to seeing in the (american made) movies and most expect to apply here in Europe (which does not, of course);
        “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law…”
        I bet that she would hang up instantly and begin trying to format the computer!!!



          Classic, fellas. Classic.

          confirmed antiX frugaler, since 2019


            Hi PPC, you wrote I would have scare the s*** of that person,
            she was safe and would know it, a trained and coached professional sitting in a call center, many voices in the background,
            quite probable the UK number is a cheaply rented reroute from Delhi or Mumbai, the accent sounded like India.

            Call the number a few times, let it ring then quickly hang up, most of the scammers will call back, tell them you were told they
            are the best professionals in the business and could help you with virus warnings on your windows computer.

            The best we can do is waste their time and money while remembering, its just another business and only the big boss gets rich.

            That time waste protects others who are easier to scam from exploitation.
            If you have a permanent IP be careful, you could get some kind of return annoyance.

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