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    I suppose more of you members also are subject to this latest demand from Upwork,
    the now to be obligatory so-called ID Verification Badge.

    (Not only will it be necessary to contribute to destroying the planet – by forking up 29 €
    to buy a webcam (Logitech c270) that will most likely only be used once, for 10 minutes !)

    But, I am also not at all sure of which packages that would useful to install –
    Cheese probably – but I guess a lot more packages also are needed to first
    install a webcam and then stream through Firefox ?
    (Or would it be easier to use Chromium instead?)

    I use the amd64 BASE version of antiX-17, on a HP desktop with 8 GB RAM.

    Instructions from Upwork:

    If anyone already suffered though this, I would be very thankful for any advice 🙂


    debian package “cheese” or “webcamoid” should suit the task


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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