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    today’s update switch the firefox version from 52 to 60.
    This is ?xx!!!@@

    Does anybody where a .deb package of the old version is still available for download. I really want to downgrade to 52.9.
    Thx !

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    Firefox-esr has been version 60 for months now.

    To answer your question – use debian snapshots

    debian snapshots

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    And there is also waterfox, which still works great despite of Mozilla’s microsoftization/googlization.



    thanks for the link



    Even if solved, maybe still usable to some:

    If you never executed apt-get autoclean and your PC installed it once in the past, then it should still lay under:




    I really want to downgrade

    Later versions introduced non-backward-compatible changes. You can expect that your existing — now-tainted-by-upgrade — profile(s) will be unusable, will need to start from scratch with fresh profile(s) after reinstalling v52.9. Possibly, before nixing the v60, you’ll be able to export your bookmarks.

    After reinstalling v52.9, you can guard against future accidental upgrade:
    sudo apt-mark hold firefox-esr


    Let me suggest yet another solution.

    I wasn’t happy either when I noticed Firefox Quantum didn’t support some popular plugins anymore. The suggested replacements are often not really satisfactory. But I did like the snappiness of the new Firefox. It’s FAST, a quality that comes in handy on my not-so-new-anymore desktop machine. In the end I decided to run both versions side by side.

    To do this you must be willing to work with multiple independent profiles. It’s actually quite simple to do. At Mozilla https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/ you can download every (?) old version of firefox in .tar.bz2 format. Unpacking the archive produces a folder firefox containing a firefox binary and all necessary libraries. To run the binary you must move the whole folder to your home directory. That also means that you cannot make this setup globally, for all users. But I guess this also mitigates possible security problems involved in running older versions of firefox.

    In my case I can start the older firefox with the command

    ~/firefox/firefox --no-remote -p ff52

    The option –no-remote prevents the old firefox to see a possibly running instance of Firefox Quantum. The -p ff52 refers to an independent profile ff52. You need seperate profiles to prevent the two versions of firefox to interfere with each others settings. I was able to use a copy of my Firefox Quantum standard profile, but I had to re-install a few plugins. All bookmarks were there, but the accompanying icons were replaced with a standard icon. The correct icon reappears however when using the bookmark.



    Thanks for all the suggestions.
    With the backups it was no problem to get back the old 52.9. set up.

    Actually, I see the advantages of Quantum, too. But what I’m really missing is a plugin like “Cookie Controller” (and the translation plugin from

    . The suggested alternatives do not the same.

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