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      I recently installed and updated Antix 17. I don’t usually use GUI but sometimes it is handy. When I do none of the browsers installed work (save for Links2 and Dillo). With Midori and Pale moon I get “illigal instruction” with Firefox just a crach window. Any ideas?




        If Dillo works, that means X windows is probably ok. For someone to diagnose I would start with what kind of machine is it and how much memory and swap is available, etc.

        from a root terminal run, copy and paste the results of:

        inxi -Fxz


        Daily driver distro

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          If you have an old P4 PIII etc remove adobe-flashplugin

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            Anticapitalista, thank you. Firefox is working now. Like you said I had to uninstall flash. Pale moon is still not working though but I don’t really need it now.


              websearch “illegal instruction pale moon browser”




                websearch “illegal instruction midori browser”


                Midori and Qupzilla crashing on !SSE2 CPU

                So, “solved”, in the sense that the reported problem is a “known issue”.

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