FIX Firefox link-title hover tooltips flashing/disappearing in newer vsns.

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    I don’t recall now which FF vsn. broke this (for me) – (still worked on v66 on old box I upgraded yesterday, but broke from at least v84 thru latest v89.0.2), but whenever I hover the mouse over an HTML link in a page that contains a TITLE=”title” describing the link, the popup “tooltip/balloon” pops up for a fraction of a second then disappears (before a human eye can read it) – Should remain until mouse moves! I googled and found NOTHING except enabling “” in about:config (already enabled) leading me to believe that one of my many custom FF or theme settings was to blame, however, after creating a completely NEW “factory default” profile w/no settings, addons or themes, the problem persisted. I just happened to notice that on the old, WORKING FF (v66) the popup tooltip appeared just below and to the right of the cursor, but the “flash & gone” version would popup with the mouse cursor right in the middle of the left edge. This led me to suspect that somehow when the tooltip popped up the mouse cursor was now ON the tooltip leading FF to believe that mouse had “moved” to another “window” (the tooltip) which normally causes the tooltip to be removed? Perhaps adding an offset into userChrome.css might fix this, and I remembered previously adding a similar offset there when FF buggered the little “previous entry” popup menu under text-entry fields a good while back which caused those popups to COVER the text field (I had had to add a vertical offset the height of the textbox font to fix that back to just UNDER the text fields, so I could see what I had typed in). So, more googling led to this FIX (modified from which provided the nessessary tags for tooltips):

    1) Add a “chrome” subdirectory to your FF config (if it does not already exist):

    /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/YOUR PROFILE/chrome/

    2) touch userChrome.css #(if it does not already exist)

    3) Add the following code:

    /* Add an x and y offset from the mouse curser to place the popup tooltip balloon when hovering over links w/descriptive titles: */
      margin-top: 2.5em;
      margin-left: 1em;

    4) restart FF.

    For me, it added a/b a 5mm offset rightward and downward.

    And, if anyone else has trouble with the dropdown menus on forms I mentioned earlier, here’s my fix for that too:

    /* use 2em for default font, 1.7em for gtk-font-name=Sans 12. */
    #PopupAutoCompleteRichResult, #PopupSearchAutoComplete, #PopupAutoComplete
    {border: 1px solid #000 !important; margin-top: 1.7em !important}
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