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      This is not a question. This is a little tip for newbies from East Asia. Probably not useful information for most people.
      Also, I’m not a Fluxbox expert. Please keep this in mind.

      This happns At least when LANG = ja_JP, ch_CN, ch_TW, ko_KR.
      (I forgot to write the most important thing, so I wrote it in addition. On August 28th (Japan time)..)

      When I login to Fluxbox and open the menu, I encounter a menu with localized parts filled with unreadable symbols (See attached Picture1).
      Unreadable symbols are called ‘Tofu’.
      This is a Font issue, not a character encoding issue.

      Out of the 13 styles pre-installed in antiX, 3 have this problem: ModernBlueFlux, sleek2antiX and sleek2flux.

      The font used in sleek2antiX and sleek2flux is dejavusans, which originally does not support CJK.
      The font used for ModernBlueFlux is ubuntu, why does this font have this problem? I’m not sure.
      There is no problem if ubuntu regular like BlueDay.

      Anyway, don’t panic when you see this menu. There is nothing wrong with the English part.

      First, open the submenu of the item (between Run and Exit) containing the Fluxbox string at the bottom of the main menu.
      Second from the top of the submenu is the style selection menu (see Picture2).
      Select a style other than ModernBlueFlux, sleek2antiX, or sleek2flux from this list.
      For example, selecting BlueDay-medium will cause all menu items to display correctly, like Picture3.

      How to change the font of ModernBlueFlux, sleek2antiX, sleek2flux.
      If you want to leave the original configuration file (theme.cfg) untouched and change it separately.

      Copy the original configuration file together with the storage directory to the user directory.

      mkdir -p ${HOME}/.fluxbox/styles
      cp -rp /usr/share/fluxbox/styles/ModernBlueFlux*/ ${HOME}/.fluxbox/styles
      cp -rp /usr/share/fluxbox/styles/sleek2*/ ${HOME}/.fluxbox/styles

      Then open theme.cfg in ~/fluxbox/styles/ (style name) with an editor and change it to a font that supports CJK.

      An example of using the command in the terminal (when changing to ubuntu regular all at once).

      grep -irl -e 'ubuntu-' -e 'dejavusans' ${HOME}/.fluxbox/styles/|xargs sed -i.bak -e 's/ubuntu-/ubuntu regular-/g' -e 's/dejavusans/ubuntu regular/g'

      User-defined styles are listed first in the Styles menu. The original style is also shown towards the back.
      It’s confusing, so it’s a good idea to change the directory name for user-defined styles.
      The directory name will appear in the menu as the style name.

      Best regards.

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      • This topic was modified 10 months ago by verdy.
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