fluxbox (and JWM) "maximize" button in each window titlebar is MULTI-FUNCTIONAL

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      The maximize button (displayed in the titlebar of each windowed application under fluxbox) maximizes / unmaximizes the window in three ways:

      Button 1 (left mouse click) causes full screen maximization
      button 2 (middle click) maximizes the window only vertically
      button 3 (right click) maximizes the window only horizontally

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          Thanks! Find it works with JWM as well!


            Wow! A genius at work here. I never knew that.

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              Iirc you can change those functions in the fluxbox configs as well. I have them mapped to control + (shift,alt,super) + enter.

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                Dave, are you using fluxbox v1.38 (or you compiled the unreleased git.fluxbox.org code, or pulled from deb experimental repo) ?

                If not, although user can assign a keybind for “maximizeHorizontal”, doing so would be supplemental;
                it wouldn’t affect the hardcoded behavior assigned to the maximize button’s on_release event.

                The newer versions (not the 1.3.5 version provided in debian stretch, and in antiX17)
                do, in fact, support customizable actions for the titlebar maximize button and the minimize button
                (provides opportunity to chain commands, e.g. “maximize AND play a sound”, “minimize, then raise+focus previous window”)


                Another supplemental way to expose the maximizeHorizonal command:
                edit your ~/.fluxbox/windowmenu

                  [maximizevertical] (maximize Vert)
                  [maximizehorizontal] (maximize Horiz)
                  ### CAREFUL -- unless you have a created a "ToggleDecor" keybind,
                  ### you'll need to use <code>pkill</code> or <code>xkill</code> or fbcommand to close the window
                  #[setdecor Border] (undecorate)

                (note: the above is the default windowmenu config provided in v1.3.8-ski)


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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