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    In my work of updating the Italian antiX Faq 19, I decided to add a part concerning the installation process.
    I thought to make the work available also in English if you want to use it to integrate the antiX-Faq.
    I have used the paragraphs dedicated to the installation process of the MX Manual, adapting them to antiX.

    This work about installation steps is based on antiX 19 but the first release of antiX -bullseye has already been released in which the installation process is slightly different. Ok, I know, but until antiX- Faq are not updated this work is already ready to be inserted in the current Faq. Also, these paragraphs can easily be adapted to the new version, and since they were adapted from the MX 19 manual you can use the MX (21-bullseye) manual for help in updating.
    I preferred to move the paragraphs “antiX 19” and “Some Great Features in antiX” to the first part of the chapter. I expanded the “Pre-Installation” and “Installation” paragraphs.
    In the “Post Installation” paragraph I also added many parts that are present in the IceWM chapter.
    I have transferred here all the parts that are not IceWM specific but also work for the other window managers.
    Since operating in this way there was very little to describe the features of IceWM , so I prepared a guide that I will attach to the forum in the next days.
    I’m finishing to prepare a guide also for Fluxbox and JWM and I’ll attach them too.

    IMPORTANT: in addition to the file Home-Faq19 I have attached the file Home-Faq-Color.odt
    In the document “Color” you can distinguish the original text in FAQ 19 in green from my additions in yellow.
    Exactly as I had done in the document where I proposed additions to the chapters Snapshot, Persistence, Frugal, Remaster. This:
    Chapters on snapshots and persistence in .odt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mg7trz6mi9j32mp/Snap-Persist-Frugal-Remast-Eng.odt?dl=0
    Chapters on snapshots and persistence in .pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/syrhtvsf4jfajlo/Snap-Persist-Frugal-Remast-Eng.pdf?dl=0

    I used dropbox for file sharing, Dropbox will ask you to register, but you can get the files without registration.
    These are the documents if you want to integrate the Faq Home:



    FaqAntiXHomeEngColor.odt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wv553n8duk9k28f/FaqAntiXHomeEngColor.odt?dl=0



    I thank you for your work on the antiX Faq.

    Could you please share the Italian version? I believe that it is easier to translate with Brazilian Portuguese internet translators from the Italian language version.

    I hope that one day we can have Faq in several languages available at the full ISO of antiX.




    Eu agradeço pelo seu trabalho no Faq do antiX.

    Por favor, poderia compartilhar a versão em italiano? Eu acredito que seja mais fácil traduzir com os tradutores da internet para Português do Brasil a partir da versão em idioma Italiano.

    Eu espero que possamos um dia ter disponível na ISO full do antiX o Faq em vários idiomas.



    Consider sharing your work in the antix wiki. There is a very long article by anikagi related to how to install
    https://antixlinuxfan.miraheze.org/wiki/How_to_install and may require updating.

    Thanks for your work.


    added to the wiki
    I preserved the yellow highlighting for the portions of newly-added text. I have not otherwise edited the content. Unsure whether I successfully transferred all of the inline images.



    Thank you.
    I don’t think it is useful to preserve the highlighting. It could be used to see what was new compared to the existing antiX-Faq-Home. Since you have published everything, perhaps it is not necessary to see the differences in colour.

    Hi Xecure, I had seen the “How to Install” document some time ago. It was a simpler document than what I can see now.
    I had created the integration document of the AntiX-Faq-Home before the “How to Install” document was published, but my document remained on standby.
    I hadn’t published it in the forum, but I had left it pending because I would have liked to publish it along with the guides for IceWM, Fluxbox and JWM as a single document.
    I started working on updating the antiX 19 Faq in Italian about a year ago. I updated everything in a short time because the differences between the antiX Faq 17 and 19 were very few.
    But I was not satisfied because it is evident that these Faq, in the English version, are not enough for those approaching this distribution for the first time and need to understand how to manage antiX.
    So I translated and integrated your document on the Control Center into the Italian version.
    Then I wanted to include the installation process with all the necessary figures in the initial part of the faq.
    It often happens to me in the Italian forums that someone wants information on how to install antiX and in response I tell them to look at the installation part of the MX Linux manual. AntiX don’t make a good impression if you have to look at another distribution’s manual.
    Then I saw that a lot of general information on operating system management is included in the chapter on ICEWM but it is not exclusive to IceWM. Furthermore, on IceWM, besides this generic information, there is almost nothing. But new users are constantly asking about how to customize IceWM. There is nothing on JWM and Fluxbox.
    Therefore I thought that I would publish the new Italian antiX Faq only after these additions.
    Unfortunately my free time is short and the guides on these three window managers have been complex to make. It took a lot longer than I imagined. One reason is that I only knew IceWM. I had to study and experience the other two Window Managers before I could do the guides.
    I have almost done everything but not everything yet, but I have seen that the new release of antiX-bullseye is coming out and therefore I have decided that in the meantime I publish the part concerning the installation process.
    Regarding the “How to Install” document I think it is very useful, and I will certainly help to integrate and translate it. I think it’s a different document from the one I did because mine works like a manual, therefore quite long, to read when you want to learn more or something doesn’t work. But it is important that there is also a quick guide, such as the “How to Install” document for those who need the essential information to understand how to install and start working immediately. A guide like this must be no more than 15-20 pages long and there must be a lot of images.

    @ Marcelo.
    I am very pleased to make the italian antiX-Faq-Home available to you. I am attaching the document in Italian and also I attach the automatic translation into Brazilian Portuguese of this document made by Deepl. Then I attach the automatic translation of the English document made by Deepl.
    You will be able to understand which of the two documents has been translated better into Brazilian. Tell me what you think.



    I thank you for your kindness and for all your work in inserting the Deepl translations in pt-BR in the file.

    The “Help” (/usr/share/antiX/FAQ/index.html), for example, from the antiX ISOs 19.2 and 19.3, are currently in several files in “HTML” format.

    Translating multiple “HTML” files is a much bigger job to do than translating into a single text file, as much as for an eventual correction. The “HTML” codes have special codes to implement the accent display (uncle, low and high accents, apostrophe, caret, etc.) that from the point of view of Latin-derived languages, I have no idea of ​​the complexity and what it is I need to display special characters in languages ​​that are not derived from Latin in “HTML” files.

    The “/usr/share/antiX/” folder contains, in addition to the “FAQ” folder, other important help files: “antix_help_videos.html”, “equivalents.html” (comparison between the application programs available in antiX and Windows XP), folders: “Boot_Menu”, “live-boot”, “localization” and other files.

    It would be interesting if antiX administrators/developers signaled in what format they intend to include “antiX Help” in the final antiX 21 ISO. This way we could join forces to include several files in different “Help” languages ​​for antiX 21.

    Outside the main subject of this important topic, but related to antiX translations, I hope you can follow the other topics: https://www.antixforum.com/forums/topic/package-installer-only-in-english/page/3/ and https://www.antixforum.com/forums/topic/list-of-antix-programs-that-are-yet-to-be-translated..

    (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese)



    Eu agradeço por sua gentileza e por todo o seu trabalho em inserir as traduções do Deepl em pt-BR no arquivo.

    A “Ajuda” (/usr/share/antiX/FAQ/index.html), por exemplo, das ISOs do antiX 19.2 e 19.3, atualmente estão em vários arquivos em formato “HTML”.

    Traduzir vários arquivos “HTML” são um trabalho muito maior de ser feito do que traduzir em um único arquivo de texto, tanto quanto para uma eventual correção. Os códigos “HTML” possuem códigos especias para implementarem a exibição de acentuação (tio, acentos grave e agudo, apóstrofo, circunflexo e etc) isso do ponto de vista dos idiomas derivados do latim, eu não faço nem ideia da complexidade e do que é preciso para ser exibido os caracteres especiais em idiomas que não são derivados do latim nos arquivos “HTML”.

    A pasta “/usr/share/antiX/” possui, além da pasta “FAQ”, outros arquivos de ajuda importantes: “antix_help_videos.html”, “equivalents.html” (comparação entre os programas aplicativos disponíveis no antiX e no Windows XP), pastas: “Boot_Menu”, “live-boot”, “localisation” e outros arquivos.

    Seria interessante se os administradores/desenvolvedores do antiX sinalizassem em que formato pretendem incluir a “Ajuda do antiX” na ISO final do antiX 21. Assim poderíamos unir forças para a inclusão de vários arquivos em diversos idiomas de “Ajuda” para o antiX 21.

    Fora do assunto principal deste importante tópico, mas correlato as traduções do antiX, eu espero que você possa acompanhar os outros tópicos: https://www.antixforum.com/forums/topic/package-installer-only-in-english/page/3/ e https://www.antixforum.com/forums/topic/list-of-antix-programs-that-are-yet-to-be-translated.

    (Texto original em idioma Português do Brasil)

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