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    I wrote in this tread that in the antix 17 faq translated into Italian I inserted, or enlarged, three chapters. I explained why I thought it was useful to add these parts.
    Now, through this tread, I want to share this additional work that I did so that who manages the antiX documentation (skidoo, anti, I think) can evaluate if they can be useful, totally or in part, even for the documentation in English.

    I wrote these texts in Italian and then translated them into English. They are in a scholastic English and surely there are errors and inaccuracies. Clearly, if you think it is a useful document, some native English speakers will have to correct them.

    These 3 documents are:

    a “prologue” paragraph to be inserted before the beginning of the SSH-Conduit chapter
    a new chapter concerning the sharing between phone and PC through the FTP protocol
    a totally rewritten chapter about the SpaceFM File Manager

    The two chapters on the FTP protocol and on SpaceFM have been imagined and written by me, and the images are photos from my desktop, with the exception of the fourth and fourteenth pictures.
    These 2 images are taken from the web. The photos of my desktop are free of copyright but clearly the menu items that you see are in Italian, so in an English version they probably are not good.

    About the prologue of SSH-Conduit, it is not a text wrote by me. This is an article in Italian taken from the web. It is an article that is licensed under a Creative Commons License, non-commercial sharing, and sharing with reference to the author of the article.
    In the Italian version of the antiX FAQs I modified it a bit and I left the images of the original article, then I added the reference to the author with the link to the web address.
    If you decide to use it in the English version then I believe that you do not need to insert the reference to the author of the article because it has already been changed by me and also is translated into another language, but the images (there are only two) should certainly be changed .

    Again, about SpaceFM I wrote a very extensive guide, about 20 pages, so as it is I do not think it is suitable to be used in the original English faq.
    In Italian, even if it is a bit too large can be good in my opinion because the user manual of spaceFM by IgnorantGuru is too extensive and impractical for an Italian user if he is not an expert connoisseur of English, so it would be difficult to use that resource . For an English user the IgnorantGuru manual can be practical and does not need a digest if this is too long.
    But some things I wrote could be useful. For example there is a paragraph that might be of interest to many users about adding a trash.

    Here are the links to the three documents:

    FTP Protocol in .odt https://www.dropbox.com/s/jp8y5ks1jt3wts3/FTPIng.odt?dl=0
    FTP Protocol in .pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/1nnzzclupygzo4i/FTPIng.pdf?dl=0

    SSH-Conduit Prologue in .odt https://www.dropbox.com/s/kowkgmk7g2kgnbj/introSSH-cond.odt?dl=0
    SSH-Conduit Prologue in .pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/9nsbbmj1l4m6p89/introSSH-cond.pdf?dl=0

    SpaceFM Guide in .odt https://www.dropbox.com/s/lfie5m0d1lc02e7/SpaceFMGuide.odt?dl=0
    SpaceFM Guide in .pdf https://www.dropbox.com/s/b1hv0976bbu0dgc/SpaceFMGuide.pdf?dl=0

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