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      Having ran it from command line myself. You can see why I called it a cli installer.

      Cuz I was dumb enough to make a launcher for it in My toolbar.

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        hello anticapitalista
        You: “PPC’s FT10 transformation package is excellent.”
        me: True. Excellent.
        You: “should future antiX default to Ft10 …?”
        me: Glad You asked. No.

        Brian Masinick

          I installed FT-10 again today to give me a reminder and also experience the many improvements since the work began.

          I can tell you that it’s easy to install, enable, disable and even purge it if you simply can’t tolerate it.

          I tried it and as before it’s not a personal need but this time I have kept it installed. I can turn it on occasionally and experiment with it and assure everyone that it’s safe and it’s not very large, even with the extra packages it installed, all of which are lean and efficient.

          Despite no personal need for the tool, I’ll work with it and promote it. I do think it helps to modernize our system while remaining nimble. Experts can either disable it or purge it, both of which are quick choices.

          I’m now recommending it for inclusion to the full image.

          Brian Masinick


            If it was to be the default, one way to do that would be to ask when the system boots the first time…


              PPC’s FT10 transformation package is excellent.
              It achieves its aim of making antiX more ‘modern’ and ‘familiar’ particularly to those used to Windows 10.
              It’s not my ‘cup of tea’ though and I would remove it instantly.
              So should future antiX default to Ft10 or keep its current set up?
              Feel free to comment.

              I think FT10 it’s a great idea, but I’d prefer to leave it as an nice option.
              AntiX has its own image, why should it disappear leaving place to a W10 clone for everyone?
              Maybe I’d prefer to insert a choice during the initial configuration phase: “What UI do you want to install as default? (1) AntiX standard (2) FT10 windows like” and let the user to decide. Of course, even in case the user would select “AntiX standard”, FT10 should be installed anyway, but kept as an option.

            Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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