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    Steam runs nicely and fast under antiX.

    I completely agree on both points — for us who know it.
    Some new Linux user used to a ‘Windows way’ might not.

    Windows way is: open the web browser, click “Install Steam”, click “Execute” and a couple of times “Continue” and — “End”.
    You’re good to go and ALL games will be working.

    As of Proton, it might, or it might not.

    There are many other similar links, but that’s Google’s job.
    All I wanna say is: Steam on Linux is still a bit more complicated to install and it’s much more of a hassle.

    MMORPG’s are sometimes also pretty much problematic — finally you got it to run, one week later, on the next game update, you can start fixing it again.
    Game optimized drivers you’ll never get and graphic cards themselves are usually having higher frame rates in Windows — all games are optimized for Win.

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    The huge and shiny picture above shows exactly the way you should not ( don’t do it, wrong way, never) use to install steam on antiX.

    This may leads to confusion.

    So again, this is the way to go with antiX.

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    Thanks caprea – that is indeed how users should install steam on antiX. (Could it be any easier?)

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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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