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      Every now and then, I write a post about gaming on antiX.
      For quite a while now, I’ve been recommending that, Package Installer should, not only include Steam and Lutris but also Heroic, to allow easy access to Epic Store games. Why Epic games? Easy, they don’t offer Open Source Games, as far as know, only commercial games. But commercial games are about the only kind of non free software I don’t mind using. Non fully Open Source Operating Systems, Browsers, Office Suites or Application Stores can violate your privacy and you’ll never know it (at least, when some open source software that Firefox includes telemetry, you know about it and there are some, more or less complex ways to disable it, that is next to impossible with non open source software, they follow the “Trust me, bro, we won’t spy on you” rule).
      Games… well games are what I think are on the least damaging stuff that you can let “spy on you”- basically all it can spy (simplifying a bit) is your IP, your computer hardware and the fact that you like playing Tomb Rider, or Batman games, and not much beyond that – no browser history, no checking everything you type into a document…

      To the point: on my “new” desktop pc, that does not even include a dedicated graphics card, I installed Heroic Game Launcher and accessed my list of over 200 games I got for free. Most are known, but I also have games of some well know franchises, like Batman, Tomb Rider, Assassins Creed, etc. I’ say about 10% of the games I got for free were stuff that, if I could spare the money, I would not mind paying for…
      It’s still not just “click and play”, not in my case – Access the store, select the game to install (it sometimes can take over 1 hour to install, for multiple GB games). Then I always have to select the proprieties button of the game entry and select to use the default “Wine” (that I had to install beforehand). Then, click to run the game. A wine window pops up the first time I run the game, telling me that it the game profile is being created. If that window does not disappear in less than 2 minutes, I know I’m out of luck and the game won’t play. For now, just under 50% of the games I tried work in Linux.
      I’m on my late 40’s. The only gaming console I ever had (that still works) is a PS2. And those kind of graphics always amaze me. When I tried out Batman Arkham Asylum, on this hardware, I was amazed to see how well the game runs on a i5, with 4GB RAM and no dedicated video card- turn down the resolution a bit, turn down the details a bit, run the game windowed. and it runs, 98% of the time perfecly, without stopping.
      So, yeah, you can game on antiX, even Windows only triple A games, in my experience, even on very old hardware, if the game is not that recent…
      I the kind of guy that played pacman, phoenix, r-ptype, donkey kong, galaga, in the late 80’s, early 90’s- The most recent game I remember finishing in a windows PC was Resident Evil II (that I still own a copy of the original R.E. and R.E. 2 for PC, I have R.E. 4 on ps2 and finished R.E. 3, because a friend loaned me the ps disk after finishing it) To me, a 10 years old game is top of the line and looks like an HD interactive move!


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        I tested a few more “windows only” titles, using Heroic to run, on antiX Epic Store games…
        Since I love board games the 2 I wanted to really run do: Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride
        In the non board games, in the list that I tried and run great on antiX: Batman Arkham Asylum, Dishonored Definitive Edition run great (even without a dedicated video card). Fallout 1 and 2 failed to run (the game menu does pop up, but nothing happen when I click the button to start the game).

        On Dishonored, I always smile when I exit the game by clicking the menu entry that says will send me back to “windows” 🙂



          There is a DOS version of Fallout 1 that works perfectly in Dosbox.


            hello everyone , i have a problem with my gpu which is old ,gtx 560ti which should be work with only nvidia 390xxx driver which is not on the debian
            how i can install it ,as my card working on opensource driver which can not work with steam games ?i get this message Uh oh. Your card is only supported by older legacy drivers which are not in any current Debian suite.

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              @goldenyhawk – this is a bit off topic, it’s a driver issue, but it indirectly relates to gaming so… here it goes:
              When asking for help, always state that system you are using (I’m using antiX 22 64bits Full, runit). Have you tried to install the Nvidea driver using the Control Centre? If so, what version of the driver got installed? We require more information in order to try to help you. We are not wizards, we can’t magically know what system you are using, what you tried to do, etc, unless you tell us… Please read so you know exactly how to ask for help here in the forum!



                a DOS version of Fallout 1 that works perfectly in Dosbox

                Since I only own the Windows version of that game (from Epic Store), I’m almost sure I can’t legally download and use the original DOS version. since I do own the Windows version, probably I can download and try a Windows version.
                Many thanks for mentioning that!



                  This is not something related to gaming in antiX, but in Linux in general- Windows 11 scores dead last in gaming performance tests against 3 Linux gaming distros ( )

                  How much does an Operating System have to suck in order for software developed to run on it does, not only run on another O.S., but runs even a bit faster on another O.S., even using a compatibility layer? Now imagine how fast those games would run if they were directly ported to Linux…

                  The main pain point of using Linux for gaming is that you never know if the game really is compatible with Linux, and if it is, how compatible will it be with your particular mix of software and hardware. Windows games do have about 100% compatibility with Windows (I’m not joking, it may not be really 100% because extremely old games may not run on Windows 10/11, but run perfectly fine in Linux via Wine, the older the game, the less compatible it will be with windows 10/11. Really. Try to run a Windows 98 game on modern windows)…
                  Also, even if a game runs in Linux, via Wine/Proton/whatever, it may run with some bugs, or require some thinkering that most users won’t really know how to do. If you want to play some game to relax, the last thing you want to do is to search through countless and cryptic technical sites, in order to find out how to play the game. when you find out the answer, the time you spent doing that, many times is much more than the time you would spend gaming, in a couple of days.
                  Of course, you can go the safest route and, if your hardware is powerful enough, double boot into a version of Valve’s O.S. and just use it like a gaming console… Most people that have that kind of hardware, usually don’t run antix 🙂

                  Really, one of the best ideas to game on Linux is game streaming. Stadia was the only service that Google killed, that I really miss. I played Destiny 2 for a few hours, Bomberman, and even an Hitman title, all for free- I would say that it was a 98% perfect experience for me, but I’m not a very demanding gamer (or much of a computer gamer, really).




                    Some indie developers publish native ports of their games for linux. Feral interactive has ported quite a few titles to linux. Some ports are rubbish, but when done properly its an amazing experience. A few honorable mentions:

                    Shovel Knight
                    FTL (Faster than light)
                    Into the Breach
                    Heroes 3 (Loki port)
                    Invisible Inc.
                    Legend of Grimrock
                    Shattered Pixel Dungeon (available for free on github)
                    Torchlight 2
                    Dead Cells
                    Doom 3 (via the open source port dhewm3)


                      @blur13, thank you! ShatteredPD is a great little time waster. Loving it!

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