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      Dear anticapitalista,

      I’ve started a new thread on the MX-Linux forum, in the development section, about the “papersize” file and the reconfiguration of the “a4” paper format.
      The (well-known) development team has responded to my suggestion.
      @m_pav, @dolphin_oracle, @fehlix preferred to modify the gazelle-installer program.
      I know you’re busy but can you please take care of the new gazelle-installer for antiX?
      If you have some time, I invite you to read this thread on the MX-Linux forum to understand all the advantages this will bring to antiX.
      MX Tools – paper size

      I hope you won’t be offended by my comments.

      With all due respect, thank you for your dedication to the antiX community.



        Nice idea. A while ago I created a simple GUI to allow user’s to select the default paper size… It was one of my many ideas that did not go far.

        For those that want to toggle the default paper size between “A4” and “legal”, that yad script is over at


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          FWIW I have had no feedback as yet as to whether the change in the installer works for assigning either a4 or letter (US) by default. If the code works, it can also be added to the live rc.local.

          In my limited testing its fine, I just don’t know enough about setting papersize to ensure this is enough.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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