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    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    In recent years we have not had to say much, if anything at all about general forum conduct.
    We have allowed discussions on most topics.

    Recently however there have been multiple instances of angry discussions between users, comments that are at the very least impolite, and sometimes completely unacceptable.

    Here are some common forum rules that have been published on various sites that provide general, reasonable guidelines for forum conduct:

    What are the rules for a forum?
    No spam. All automated messages, advertisements, and links to competitor websites will be deleted immediately.

    Post in relevant sub-forums only. Messages posted in the wrong topic area will be removed and placed in the correct sub-forum by moderators.

    Respect other users. No




    fellow forum members.

    If one or more of these guidelines are ignored, comments may be deleted. Repeated instances of abusive language or impolite behavior may result in not only message removal. Blatant abuse will result in forum account suspension or removal.

    Brian Masinick


    Thanks Brian. I have not noticed any problems but I haven’t been around for about two weeks. But this is one of the reasons I like antiX. Good behavior is the rule rather than not. I appreciate your willingness to speak up and direct the forum in the correct path. Thank you.


    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    I really think that the “problems of the world” have, directly or indirectly affected nearly all of us. At times, I feel “bothered” or “angered”, though I try not to bring any of it onto a public forum if I can avoid it, but it seems that some of my long, drawn out historical pieces have unintentionally irritated a few people from time to time; I certainly intend no such thing.

    I only ask people to be polite here; sarcasm is something that is not always understood, and sometimes it is not appreciated either. In person, a wink, chuckle, etc, if you know someone, can diffuse a situation, or you can just “walk away”. When we write something though, especially in places like this, such things have a long life. Even if this forum is archived in 2-3 years, 10-15 years from now someone can retrieve even these words, so I urge everyone to do your best. I also do my best to tolerate others too, but I’m also a human being, so anything other than constructive criticism isn’t really helpful.

    The one other thing I would suggest to those who do not appreciate a topic or a comment is to quickly move on; don’t comment unless you have something helpful (or you hope it might be helpful) for someone to read. Even “correcting” someone might be better done by “gently” suggesting what is incorrect and if agreed, then one person or the other can then go back and correct erroneous or misleading comments, or even delete them. Those who cannot remove or alter comments can ask one of the forum admins or moderators to either edit or remove questionable, offensive, or incorrect information.

    We don’t have to deal with any of this very often, but it arises, and I think some of it may simply be frustration because we have so much “isolation” right now in pandemic times. Thanks to the MANY people who offer helpful, friendly comments, suggestions, solutions, and ideas every day!

    Brian Masinick


    Hello Brian,

    at least for me as a non native speaker it is quite difficult to determine, whether a figure of speech I use might be felt to be offensive in English language when read by a native speaker, whereas I don’t mean to offend anybody here at all. This is true in particular for words and expressions I have to look up in a dictionary. I usually ask “”, a spin-of from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, which I feel to be much more concise in translation than google, and it knows about everyday language also. It has no ability to translate whole sentences, which doesn’t matter for me.
    Being aware we are an international community here, when reading a text written by a non native speaker as me, please keep in mind he (I) probably would not have meant it that way as you as a native speaker take it, and simply tell him (me) first about the real meaning and connotation of what he has (I have) written. I can’t know if nobody tells me. Sometimes I was really in doubt whether it could be taken offensive what I had written in English language, while I actually meant to use a pointed formulation only.

    (To get an idea what I want to say, look here how difficult it is to determine an adequate translation sometimes, an example I just had to look up for this answer: In german language I would have written “pointiert, zugespitzt” not in the sense of “concluded, put into a nutshell” but “put it exaggeratedly, bluntly, provoking”, however without any connotation of offending somebody.) The discussion there points out the words used have different connotations in two different languages. I feel it is a narrow border line only between being sharp-tongued and being offensive.

    So please feel free to make me aware of figures of speech I use which are sensed as offensive or inapt in any way by a native speaker already. I apologise sincerely for these disaccords in case they happen to me. I don’t mean mischief.



    While writing my last posting, you have added another one already, which clarifies things a little to me:

    sarcasm is something that is not always understood, and sometimes it is not appreciated either. In person, a wink, chuckle, etc, if you know someone, can diffuse a situation

    This is a valuable hint, since I also like to transport the content sarcastically, ironically sometimes, but never mean to really offend somebody, just using it as a stylistic device to make a lengthy discussion more lively, inspiringly. But you are right, especially for me as a non native speaker this is extremely dangerous, as I pointed out in my previous posting already, and again I am with you, here is no way to wink, chuckle etc to diffuse the meaning. I’ll be carefully 🙂



    Right. I know that I NEVER mean offense. If something I type is ironic/sarcastic, then I depend on the community to assume I mean no harm. And we largerly do understand. At least, people should.

    Please be yourself, and DON’T mean to be offensive. I hate the situation these days where so many things can be taken offensively, if someone is LOOKING to be offended.

    Throw in a ;) — the forum software makes an emoji. 😉 Type “LOL” if needed. Please have fun. And know that we are friends here.

    If someone DOES mean offense, then it is THAT PERSON’s problem, and they won’t stay long. Repeated problems will result in banning.

    Sometimes, eveyone of us has a “bad day,” but if each one of us tries our best to treat others as we would like to be treated, then we can move on. We can remain friends, and a community. Translation issues can be a barrier. If we assume the best in each other, then it will all work out. If someone truly means offense, normally that person leaves no doubt in their language.

    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    Hi Robin,

    I have not noticed that you have said anything offensive here, but I would still advise limited use of sarcasm on a site where many people speak different languages, and even if they speak English or use a translator it can be very difficult to understand.

    Take my friend Marcelo C.

    He speaks a Brazilian dialect of Portuguese. He does a wonderful job of communication with the people here and it is truly a work and a struggle.

    That’s just one example. Marcelo works hard to communicate and he does a magnificent job. Still it is not an easy thing.

    When we talk in slang, codes, etc. it is almost impossible, even with translated words, to make sure that the meaning is clear.

    With honor to and respect for people all over the world I ask that we kindly consider others with everything we say and do.

    I hope that helps and that consideration is given to everyone.

    Thanks again for discussing this matter, I think that it’s helpful.

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    Brian Masinick

    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    As christophe has said, we can certainly use humor and jokes, especially in the Greek Cafe!

    We want to enjoy ourselves; I’m not suggesting that we have to be afraid to be ourselves, just understand that as an international site it can be difficult to understand things that are local jokes.

    For example, something that is funny in Greece, even translated, may mean nothing to a person who is from Finland or the USA, and vice versa.

    Humor in the humor section is fine.
    Sarcasm when a frustrated user is upset is not a good idea until the problem is solved m then maybe we can laugh and joke in happy thanks for the solution.

    Brian Masinick


    Hi Brian,

    With honor to and respect for people all over the world I ask that we kindly consider others with everything we say and do.

    with this sentence you have met my mindset, my intentions at heart. There is nothing to be added. If it would have been different, I probably would have posted in german language corner of the board only, since as you pointed out, writing in English language instead is quite hard a job, for all of us comming from every corner of the world. So let us go on in our efforts to help each other using our best endeavours.

    I am really unburdened to read there has happened no unperceived “language accident” to me until now 🙂 May this stay so for a long time.


    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    We are in a good place and I have been very happy to see you contributing helpful information.

    Earlier either yesterday or today you helped a couple of people and that is one of the things that makes this place so helpful.

    Guys like you and Xecure offer help and so do BobC, PPC and a few others. That lessens the support load on people like Dave, SamK, bitjam, skidoo and anticapitalista and they’re able to devote more time to develop and maintain the software.


    Brian Masinick


    Perhaps a good place or time put this, losing good people all around me, my daughter going in exams from one of best in school to
    Isolation, I hear neighbours coughing in the night, I know that cough. Covid. Was scarecly able to walk downstairs.
    Government measures here are weak and in part foiled by each part of the federation running in a different direction. My head and heart
    is breaking, more broken.

    In my present state I am not an asset to either humanity or the forum. In the latter case I will pull out, maybe permanently and try
    to keep some local work alive. My daughter needs my comfort and support more than ever.

    For those who have been upset, are upset even livid – I do not expect acceptance or forgiveness. But still apologise.

    I hope be able to stay in contact with some forum members, will not stop supporting and promoting the distro.

    An Robin,
    Falls ich irgend eine Missverständnis hierbei geführt habe, bitte ich um Entschuldigung.
    Ich habe nichts gesehen von deine Seite, das Provozieren könnte.

    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    As I mentioned in a recent message Moddit, I am aware of the difficult days that many people face and you have been transparent with us on multiple occasions that you have been facing a lot of difficulty.

    While I cannot know what is going on with everyone you have articulated your situation clearly and my sincere prayers are with you for both perseverance and ultimately deliverance from every hardship.

    Please know that there are many people all over the world, regardless of country or political affiliation that genuinely care about people. Not everyone is that way, yet there is still plenty of hope for humanity. I have had the good fortune of meeting with and getting to know many people of many colors, races and beliefs.

    I’ve even worked on projects with people of different ethnic origins whose home countries were either at war or in perpetual political battles and yet our teams worked effectively together and even occasionally enjoyed social events together.

    I definitely don’t have to agree with everything about a person to still care for their well being, whether we are friends or not and I have nothing but thanks and admiration for the fine people who participate here and that’s why I often devote more time discussing kindness even ahead of another passion, great software. Without great people there cannot be great software.

    Thank you for all that you do and thank you antiX community for making this relatively small distribution a shining example of what is possible when we cooperate and work together on something that other people can use whether they contribute or not.

    Thanks all! 😎👍📯😃

    Brian Masinick


    I have been very impressed with many of the participants here in this forum, many who do not share my native language of America English. I have learned a lot. I share Brian’s attitude and appreciate all the forum participants, even if I do not agree with all things said (or typed). I am not here for political agreement. And I appreciate that politics are quite different in all the various parts of the world. I can read through that and I do not take offense at opinions stated to which I do not subscribe. But at the same time I appreciate it when participants here make the effort to stay apolitical.

    You are all doing a fantastic job of making antiX better by participating here. I applaud you all. Most of you have a very good grasp on how to setup software and I learn a lot as I struggle to get my head around a lot of the arcane settings and configurations that are part of Linux in general.

    If we get corrected once in awhile by our moderator it is okay. Don’t worry. Just learn and keep going. This is one of the better places on the internet.


    Forum Admin

    I used to be more active in the past . Like when my heel bone was crushed < 8 months on the couch >

    I like to joke and kid myself.

    But I try and check myself because my humor is not theirs. As admin I expect everyone to be respectful to others wishes.
    Hence why I quit posting motorcycle Desktops in the wallpaper section.
    I listen. I don’t take offence. Like Bruce Lee said. ” Be like water ”
    So I went around.
    I hate stressing.
    Also I learned long ago about the churn and that misery loves company.

    “the Churn”—the idea that life is a thing that happens to all of us, that while survival is the only thing that matters to an individual, whether an individual lives or dies doesn’t, ultimately, mean anything.

    I think I can count on one hand the times I have had to chastise anyone here. Because, I am pretty thick skinned and slow on the take.

    Plus. I am used to taking care of a pack of death row mutts at home.
    I have always felt that our team is some of the good guys in the Linux community.

    No RTFM here. I see a lot a patience here. 🙂
    Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t listen to dog fights.

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    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    @rokytnji: Well said! Glad to have you with us once again!

    Brian Masinick

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