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    Yes, if only they will TRY what is already built into the system FIRST…

    If they don’t like it or whatever, and it is really important to them, THEN look for other solutions, hopefully starting with the ones that are DESIGNED to work on antiX or MX, or Debian, or Linux, or on Linux via Wine, or at LEAST have source code, LOL, in THAT order!

    Somebody posted a sticky on that…

    It gets frustrating (more for them, I bet) if they turn things into a big mess installing all kinds of odd things and as a result things don’t work. But it’s also sad to see that happen, when things could be good instead.

    Yes, RTFM, I think that’s a song they sing on some distros. They must hate people or something. Man is good, and how to’s, and wiki’s and manuals are great, especially if accurate and containing examples, even more so for doing really tricky things, but the BIG point is Programs should work how a sensible person might EXPECT them to work, to do normal day to day tasks, and then the confusion, problems and complaints will be minimal.

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