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    What are the different ways people use antix, I’ve seen where some people use it as a test platform on different machines, some as their go to everyday os. I know my reason’s where I was able to salvage an old mac mini (intel) which is working great, I took a not as old iMac (intel) which I could no longer get updates for and switched it over and it’s up and run great as well. Took an toshiba laptop and did the same with it. The laptop and the iMac as well the mini are being used everyday. I’m just curious.

    If we put as much effort into helping each other as we do trying to control and run other people’s lives, we would have a much better world.

    AntiX 19.1 runit 32bit


    So what you are saying is that you want in on the secret plan for global domination using antix?

    "Are governments capable of evil? Of course they are, but they are far more capable of incompetence". - Sherlock Holmes


    No just curious to know for what and how people that use antix.

    If we put as much effort into helping each other as we do trying to control and run other people’s lives, we would have a much better world.

    AntiX 19.1 runit 32bit


    It’s great for Warzone2100 😉

    "Are governments capable of evil? Of course they are, but they are far more capable of incompetence". - Sherlock Holmes


    I originally tried it for my 32-bit computers, since lubuntu (that I was using at the time) announced they were soon to be droppinig support. But I found I liked it so much that I use it on my newer (x64) computers. In fact, it’s the only OS I use now (except at work — I’ve got no choice there, of course). In addition to using it as my general-purpose OS, I like experimenting with frugal installs & live usbs.


    My everyday OS.
    Downgraded to a Dell Inspiron 3000 which I picked up for ~US$165 but still wanted something somewhat snappy so I didn’t get frustrated with it and the urge to upgrade.
    Always wanted to try a WM from back in the day of using netbooks where I had a HP Mini and a eeepc701 but was never game enough as I was still cutting my teeth on linux.

    Loving it so far. Exactly what I am after. A few quirks I need to work out but I’ll get there slowly.

    antix 17.4.1 @ Dell Inspiron 3000 11.6".

    Forum Admin

    I use antiX on all the computers I have (surprise, surprise LOL). I use it for daily work, and development of antiX.

    Desktop has been running antiX sid for a long time, probably since antiX-11. I also have various partitions running antiX 32 and 64 bit (core) so I can chroot into it and build antiX kernels for various flavours. ie sid, testing, stretch and jessie.

    This laptop is currently running antiX-17 – stretch. No plans to change it really as it works so well.
    I also have various frugal installs of antiX – sid, testing, buster, stretch and jessie versions.

    A Thinkpad T60 laptop has an old antiX-19 alpha1 buster 32 bit on it.

    Finally, a cheap lenovo s21e has windows 8 on it. I only ever user this laptop running antiX live from usb3 (the only computer I have with usb3).

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    antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


    I think somehow the antix strength in being able to run very well on really old equipment has overshadowed antix’s ability to run extremely well on very modern equipment. I think people are under the perception antix is for old machines so they look elsewhere for distros for new machines. I know it doesn’t make much sense to some of you but there is this misperception out there; I encounter it when I suggest they use antix instead of the debuntumints.

    I had an old celeron 32b single core with 256kb of ram. The gfx card was dropped after 3.16 I think, and the choice was a frozen wheezy 7, devuan, or antix. Devuan and deb7 dragged their feet with this little ram, antix worked. The purpose was so its owner can get some stuff out of a broken xp installation. Then there was this 12″ atom pad that was windows dead, and antix 32b made it into a new machine. But use antix-sid on an i7 and it is a blast.

    How does that antix image get changed? Or does it need to be changed?


    It runs extremely well on modern equipment. I bought myself this machine for Xmas 2018. I installed antiX and I wouldn’t bother installing anything else. The distro runs nicely in the background enabling you to run any programs you choose to install yourself without huge demands on memory and that kind of thing. Plus what other OS comes with different desktops you can pick or choose as you like?

    antiX is simply the best OS ever.

    "Are governments capable of evil? Of course they are, but they are far more capable of incompetence". - Sherlock Holmes


    What are the different ways people use antix

    I have a desktop computer in my office that came with W10 (too slow to work with, really), MX18.2 and now, after months of testing it, a antiX19 (b3) installed. – I use it for office work- mainly I work with pdf files that I have to read on-line, and submit signed pdf documents to court- the applications that signs the files is fortunately available in windows, mac and Linux (as a .deb file, lucky for me antiX is Debian based).
    So I work mainly with a browser that has to be able to read pdf files, a office suite that has to be able to export documents to pdf format. Any OS that allows that on this old computer would do, MX was my daily driver, now I’m switching to antiX19. It’s even faster and now has similar look and usability…
    At home I have a even older atom single core netbook with 1 gig of RAM- it still has windows7 on it, that I never use (it’s still there because I have my licensed copy of MSoffice 2007!!!??? there, just in case I need it for compatibility reasons).
    I use it for working at home (the same net and office stuff mentioned above), surfing the web and watching youtube videos and even playing video files (everything under full HD runs great, it still plays HD, in a “watchable” way, but not very “fluid”).

    Two single “problems” – my CPUs are too slow to allow me to view my on-line video stream service (that’s a hardware problem, there’s a limit to what that single core CPUs can do), and my tv video service is not compatible at all with Linux (it has Windows/Mac/mobile applications only).

    I also used GIMP to touch up some images and occasionally use ffmpeg to convert video recordings.

    Most people can live with antiX as their main OS- unless there’s some application they can’t do with, that’s not available under linux- I know LibreOffice, WPS, FreeOffice and OnlyOffice are not MSOffice- but, for the average user, any of them would do as well as a paid MsOffice license. If you really insist on using MsOffice, the free (or paid) office web ups are (almost) as functional as the installed applications and run fine in Linux… and FreeOffice is the most compatible office suite with MS’s Office that I ever saw.


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    Jukebox, Motorcycle and vehicle manual holder as well as other how to folders.
    Test bed. Been preferred by me for decades now
    Travel operating system used by me with my phone as router also.

    Sometimes I drive a crooked road to get my mind straight.
    Not all who Wander are Lost.
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    How to Search for AntiX solutions to your problems


    I always use antiX on any computer system I own that is capable of running Linux-based software. Since most of my hardware tends to get on the old side, the older it gets, the more frequently I use antiX. Right now MX and antiX software both work well and they are the two most commonly used distributions on my Dell Inspiron 5558 laptop.

    Brian Masinick


    Hi. New antix user, new forum.

    I liked mandrake and ubuntu. When trusty tahr introduced Amazon integration (wth) I started migrating back to windows. Why not, right?

    Didn’t last. Since then, mid-2012, it’s been debian. Debian is great. Install on everything. Linksys router? Debian. Xbox? Debian. SoC? Debian. It just runs.

    I have an old Satellite A205. Used as a gateway. Sector corruption, d damaged video controller, DRAM faults, dead fans, wonky keyboard and touch pad. No worries. Still runs iptables just fine. Just sit it sideways so the heatsinks fins are one top. Better safe than mildly inconvenienced.

    Well, it finally stopped for good last Friday.

    AntiX might be my spirit animal. I’ve been poking it since April 2019. I’ve yet to see anything I don’t like. With 4gb DRAM and custom kernel, I can run forever. Literally.

    You know what I like most? No systemd. Why? I don’t have to second guess the cli. Did I put the [option] in the correct sequence relative to the (argument)? Syntax isn’t uniform from ctl to d, even though its alias is sometimes referenced on stdout. I don’t want to read manpages for the nth time.

    Maybe familiarity really does breed contempt. I don’t need shiny GUI.

    I need browser in a sandbox. I need a well documented shell environment. I need a kernel that can address 64gb of ram without
    swap growing exponentially. Finding a stable, transient dist without fluff is amazing.

    Few things as strong as a well-timed idea.


    Over the years I have acquired several old Pentium-II, Pentium-III, and Pentium-4 class machines. Most of these have less than 1GB RAM. AntiX allows me to use these old computers. It is mostly experimental for me, it is my hobby playing with old computers (Commodore, Tandy, Apple, IBM, CP/M, etc.) antiX always works and I have learned a lot about linux by adopting it as my main Linux OS several years ago. (Previously was on Slackware based distros).

    I also install it to LiveUSB and keep it in my pocket, It makes a great portable system.

    I also like that it supports a lot of Console applications. I find the command line applications fascinating and brings back memories for me as I was a long-time CP/M and DOS user.

    I hope antiX stays around for many more years. I will continue to use it on my computers old and new.


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