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        Hello, marcelocripe


        [Desktop Entry]
        Name[de]=Finder - Suche nach Dateien, Programmen und Webseiten
        Name[fr]=Finder - recherche de fichiers, d’applications et de sites Internet
        Name[fr_BE]=Finder - recherche de fichiers, d’applications et de sites Internet
        Name[pt]=Finder – pesquisar ficheiros, aplicações e na Internet
        Name[pt_BR]=Pesquisar Arquivos, Aplicativos e na Internet com o Finder
        GenericName=Finder – search for files, apps and on the web
        GenericName[de]=Finder – Suche nach Dateien, Programmen und Webseiten
        GenericName[fr]=Finder - recherche de fichiers, d’applications et de sites Internet
        GenericName[fr_BE]=Finder - recherche de fichiers, d’applications et de sites Internet
        GenericName[ja]=Finder – ファイル、アプリケーション、Web の検索
        GenericName[pt]=Finder – pesquisar ficheiros, aplicações e na Internet
        GenericName[pt_BR]=O ‘Finder’ é um pesquisador de arquivos, aplicativos e de conteúdos na Internet
        Comment=Search for files and folders inside your home, for applications and perform web searches
        Comment[de]=Suche nach Dateien und Ordnern im Home Verzeichnis, nach Programmen sowie Suche im Internet
        Comment[fr]=Recherche le nom d’un fichier ou d’un dossier dans votre répertoire « home », une application, un site Web sur Internet.
        Comment[fr_BE]=Recherche le nom d’un fichier ou d’un dossier dans votre répertoire « home », une application, un site Web sur Internet.
        Comment[pt]=Pesquisar pelo nome de ficheiros e pastas na sua Home, por aplicações e fazer pesquisas na Internet
        Comment[pt_BR]=O ‘Finder’ permite pesquisar pelo nome do arquivo ou da pasta no seu diretório pessoal, pesquisar e executar programas aplicativos, além de realizar pesquisas de conteúdos na Internet com o utilitário de linha de comando ‘ddgr’ do buscador ‘DuckDuckGo’ que preserva a privacidade do usuário
        Keywords[pt]=pesquisador;pesquisar;encontrar;localizar;ficheiros;pasta pessoal;diretório pessoal;aplicações;programas;internet;web;
        Keywords[pt_BR]=pesquisador;pesquisar;encontrar;localizar;arquivos;pasta pessoal;diretório pessoal;programas; aplicativos;internet;web;

          Thank you Verdy


            Hello PPC and Everyone
            Finder /finder-fixed-please_wait-windows/finder with borders of 24.
            Toolbar Launch Finder at pointer. bottom-left.
            a (blue Button)fluxbox toolbar height 34. a jwm red popup follows pointer.


              Hello PPC
              Finder on fluxbox
              A change of fluxbox toolbar Layer
              to Normal has Finder on top Above, not Below, fluxbox toolbar.

              i still like best with Finder increased border Below fluxbox toolbar. What do You think?


                @ile – If I change that part of the script, I’ll probably just force the main window to appear on top Fluxbox’s toolbar. Extra large boarders are, in my opinion, not an universal solution (I do like some boarders, but not using them as a way to move the main screen’s content up)

                @all – It seems Finder will be replacing Searchmonkey on antiX 23.1 final – so I have some questions… since corrently Finder only searches for files/folders insider the user’s home:
                Should it search starting from the root “/”? That would basically search everywhere, but, depending from the expression that’s being searched, it can result in a delay that ranges from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes (on very slow hardware).
                – Since the main use for this part of the script is allowing users to search and find their documents (And not system files), Finder only searches in the the home folder. BUT users also store files on flash drives, optical media (cds and dvds), etc. Adding a new line that also searches the mount points for external drives would allow the script to also search them (there’s a delay only if external drives are mounted… if so, they will be searched too)?
                – If antix Cloud is used to mount a Cloud drive, that drive’s mount point is created in the user’s home folder. This means it will be searched too, by Finder. This is great… but very, very slow. Depending on your cloud drive, it’s contents, your computer speed and your network connection, it can take several minutes. Should a warning be shown, if Rclone is being used to mount cloud drives, letting users know what will happen, and that the process can be very slow?

                From antiX 23.1’s Thread – on ways to perform searches: Finder, as all of my scripts is just a script, it automates actions uses can perform using the terminal. File search is performed using the “find” command; app search is performed using grep, web search is performed using ddgr… There are many ways of searching for something in Linux. This is just a simple GUI, that saves users the work of running terminal commands.



                  a jwm red popup follows pointer.

                  Hum… That happens because your pointer is on the toolbar’s quick start icon, and thus, JWM is displaying the icon’s tooltip. The solution is not exactly rocket science: move the pointer away from que quick launch icon.
                  Also my proposed solution for Fluxbox also works on JWM – drawing the main window with the “on-top” flag takes care of that too.



                    I almost took a break from scripting (I’m very busy, but scripting helps calm me down so…):
                    Here is the latest version of Finder.
                    -Main window has a the “on-top” yad flag, to be drawn over (on top of) everything, even Fluxbox and JWM toolbars. On IceWM it looks the same as it did (hugs the toolbar)
                    -Added check for Cloud storage being mounted inside home folder (i.e. user mounted Cloud storage with antiX Cloud)
                    -Added check for other partition/drives being mounted (ask users if they only want to search inside their home folder or also search inside any mounted partitions/drives, that can be an extremely slow process- this allows users to search inside usb flash-drives, etc)
                    -Added something I use myself, but that I decided other users should test: asking chatGPT questions, using the tgpt application. The script asks permission to install that dependency, when users click that option and tgpt is not installed. NOTE: I’m not responsible for that app nor for web service. It sometimes fails or is off-line. There’s nothing I can do about that… I have my doubts about making this available, but it can be a very useful tool, sometimes much better than web searches, sometimes a lot worse. Also: Always double check important information any GTP gives you. It may be completely wrong.
                    – Of course, I added “localizable” strings for all the new texts @Wallon, please re-check I may have missed something

                    Please test, but I don’t have much time to make more changes to the script. I think it’s almost perfect the way it is right now (unless a bug is found).

                    If users (or anticapitalista) oppose using GTP, it’s easy: I just have to delete a button from the main screen and it’s gone.

                    EDIT: I forgot. Due to an user’s request, the GTP window can be copied from, and also includes a “Save to file” button.


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                    Brian Masinick

                      I checked a few of the options and it still seems to be working fine, though I did NOT exercise GPT.
                      Hopefully others can check that out; otherwise it seems to be working with no apparent regressions.

                      Brian Masinick


                        Thanks for testing, Mr Masinick. GPT, although somewhat fun and useful, was the least important of the changes to the script.
                        I just found out a fun thing: if you ask GTP: “tell me something”, it seems it will randomly tell you a different fact everytime. I’m tempted to use that prompt, in case the user just clicks the GPT button, without entering any text- it’s a fun little use for that service.
                        Note: while changing this script I did, in fact ask for GPT for help on a couple of occasions. It performed well (it’s just a tip for folks that want to learn, improve their bash scripting: ask it “in bash, how do I…” and ask exactly what you want to do. More often than not, it will provide useful examples about what you want to do, when it’s something not particularly complex).
                        I’m only sadden because I know that GTP “knows” all that because it ripped that knowledge from other people’s scripts and examples, usually without permition (not required since most stuff it had on it’s database is from open source examples) but above all, without attribution (recognizing the persons that came up with the solution)…



                          Dear PPC

                          function interact_with_gpt
                          line 410 the –text is printing only the first word, in my case “Do”

                          line 410 button foo equal 2 need an exit?


                            line 410 the –text is printing only the first word, in my case “Do”

                            Oops, tiny bug. The variable mv_install_tgpt_text has to be inside double quotes, just like all the rest of the texts.

                            I’m just testing a refinement in the file search no one mentioned was missing: no size or date of files was displayed… I’m testing that, and it seems to work well (handy if you have several versions of files with the same name, on several folders…)



                              I did a “special” test.

                              I ran
                              1) a terminal with the command; sudo ./finder
                              2) in another terminal with the command; ./finder

                              I have 2 instances running at the same time.

                              3) I close both terminal windows.

                              4) I restart a terminal with the command; ./finder
                              I look for my files ending in “txt” in my “home”.
                              Finder gives results for “root” and not the “txt” files in my home. I can’t get finder to work properly. It remains locked on “root”.

                              GPT does not work well. I have a “do” message or too many arguments.


                                @Wallon – tgpt install window had a bug, caused when I moved the original text to a localizable variable- I forgot to put it inside quotes. The solution to that problem is stated in my previous post- sorry for the bug, but that’s why developers ask stuff to be tested, we often tend to miss stuff
                                Also manually installing tgpt can be done, at any time, by users. It can be used from the terminal.
                                On your “special” test… Adapting an expression the youth often uses:
                                “Play special games, win special prizes”.
                                Running programs in root mode is not advised, not unless they require to be run that way. “normal” programs usually should not be run on root mode because of security concerns, but also because it can have unforeseen effects…
                                Let me explain: Finder gets it’s name because it’s a GUI for the “find” command. When you perform a file search using “Finder”, basically you are entering a variable in a yad window. That variable gets passed to the “find” command that is then run by the script (the result of that command is saved to a text file, and that text file is displayed inside a new yad window).
                                The script is really just an interface for the “find” command. The “special test” you did, did not “break Finder”. It “broke the find command”, that, for some reason, got stuck in searching in root… One other possibility is that, since the find command the script runs, searches in the home folder, using the variable $HOME, for some reason, the variable $HOME got stuck on your root user home folder, not in your “normal” user home folder.
                                In any of this cases, probably logging off and logging back on should solve the problem, or, in the worst case scenario, a reboot will do.
                                Before trying any of this options, please run the command “echo $HOME” and see if it prints your user’s home or your root’s home, just to make sure which of the problems you cased in your test.
                                …and no, I won’t test Finder in root mode. Like I said, root has very particular uses. If an advanced user wants to run root, then using a GUI for searching for files is not required, the user knows how to quickly find anything. I write scripts to help people that basically just know how to click icons and little else… not for “root users”…

                                If I have the time, I’ll finish testing and upload the script’s version that reports date and time, when it finds files, and include the fix in the part of the function that installs tgpt…


                                • This reply was modified 6 months ago by PPC.

                                  OK. Latest version of the script:
                                  -Fixed the tgpt installation bug
                                  -File search results performed inside the home folder now display the file’s last modification time and date, and approximated size
                                  -File search result window and app search result window display a line of text, on the top of the window, telling clueless users exactly what to do to open the file/app they want (I thought it would be obvious to anyone that knows how to use a computer, but yesterday thought me that most of what I took for granted a regular computer user would know was probably wrong, and I do know over 90% of computer users only know how to do very basic tasks…)

                                  I really, really don’t think I’ll try to add any new features to Finder. Even the “gpt” button was just placed there as an experiment, because that resource can really really be useful, and it’s also a great way to spend a bit of iddle time (you can even ask the AI to tell you a story, and it will come up with one, on the fly).

                                  I even experimented adding, to the main screen, one line of text, stating something like “Type what you want to find and then click where you want to search”- but that just felt… well, stupid, is the only word I can find. The user already clicked a “search” icon, for an app called “Finder”. There’s a search field next to a magnifying glass, the only place where you can enter anything. There are some buttons with a magnifying glass on them, and different terms, that a non complety brain dead person can read and assume it refers to where the search will be performed: on files, on applications, on the Web or even asking a GTP AI model (If users never heard what ChatGPT is, then they will probably think they are sending messages to a person, I really don’t know what to expect from users). I could name that button “AI”, but then again, people would ask what an “AI” is. I did not use, on the button’s name “ChatGTP” because I’m not really sure if I could, or if that would be accurate… But the window that shows the answer does say “ChatGPT” (but I won’t edit that out for now, since it’s not visible from the main window, and also it may help people that were not really sure if GTP refered to something like ChatGPT understand what produces the answer to their query).

                                  IMPORTANT NOTE on the “gtp” functionality:
                                  Once again: when installed, tgpt fails to work sometimes- if people bother me about getting error messages in the AI answer window, I won’t reply (and I possibly will delete the AI functionality from the final version of the script that I’ll try to send anticapitalista).

                                  The report of any real error, related to the way the script works, any input, any contribution to make this tool better will be appreciated. Like I said, I make lots of mistakes, when doing my scripts… I’m only human (hell, even the AI makes mistakes on the bash scripts it generates, sometimes, and it’s not human!)

                                  EDIT: if the file search results showing date of modification and approximated size work flawlessly, I’ll add the very same command to the search performed in the /media folder…


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                                  • This reply was modified 5 months, 4 weeks ago by PPC.
                                  • This reply was modified 5 months, 4 weeks ago by PPC.
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