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      In my old machine I had tried a whole bunch of antix isos and I couldn’t boot the image, something about gfx (i915), but can’t remember specifically. It was one of the very few distributions I had tried and had the problem. But I have read only good things about antix and now that I got a newer old machine it worked, first try.

      I am already in testing running openbox and exploring. Good work.
      I think I’ll stick around.

      Now that I know a little better I think I could have tricked the grub menu with some vga=*** tag to get it going but I learned this trick when transferring stuff to a new box. The installer by the way, it seemed a little intimidating at first, something in need to study better before the installation, but it provides so many options that once you get used to it, it seems as the most effective installer in the hands of the experienced.


        Hi and welcome. I follow your blog
        FWIW, I also serve as wiki maintainer “kriv” at


          All good people eventually meet when their eye-sight is pointing towards the same goals. The path doesn’t always matter, to be sincere towards the goal does.

          I’ve been meaning to write up an article or page or widget with links to other sites that relate to the same issue, freedom, from systemd domination, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

          I feel bad for not getting here earlier. I had gotten into the old forum before and was studying up on antix and then it moved and I lost touch.

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            Howdy and Welcome.

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              Welcome aboard. 🙂

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