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      Thought I would share a project I just completed for my wife. We are avid backpackers and over the years have taken thousands of pictures out in the wild. I decided that while USB and such is great, giving away usb sticks isn’t practical. Giving away DVD’s of our adventures is.

      With that in mind, this “how-to” not only will download all your google photos to your computer, but will also show you how to set up a DVD with all your pictures, showing each one for a set period of time with transition effects.

      There are three separate parts to this, and getting Photos to your computer may be all you want. Luckily it is the first part of this post! If so, you will only need the rclone app.

      Onto the show!

      To start, you will need to Download a few programs that will be used to accomplish this.

      apt-get install dvdauthor rclone ffmpeg imagination

      Rclone will be used to get your photos from the google server.
      Imagination will be used to string all your photos together.
      dvdauthor and ffmpeg will be used to make the dvd.

      So, lets start with getting your photos onto your computer.
      We are actually going into Google Photos from Google Drive. In Google drive, there is a checkbox to make Google Photos appear in Google Drive. So, the first thing to do is open a browser, go to Google Drive, and make sure your photos are showing up there.
      Once that is accomplished, you are ready to get your photos.

      Open a terminal and enter:
      mkdir remote

      This will make a new folder in your home directory. All of the photos will download to here. then:
      rclone config

      This will provide you with a series of options to choose from.
      Type “n” and choose new remote

      You will be prompted for a name.
      use rclone for the name.

      Upon hitting enter, you will be prompted to choose a number. number 7 is for google drive.
      Choose # 7 -Google Drive

      Next you will be asked to give the Google Application Client Id.
      Leave this blank and hit enter.

      and then asked for your Google Application Client Secret.
      Leave this blank and hit enter.

      You will then be asked if you have a token.
      Answer no and hit enter

      Next you will be asked if the current info is okay.
      Answer Yes and hit enter

      almost finished with the config.
      When asked, hit q to quit the config.

      You should now be out of configuration and ready to download, so:
      rclone copy rclone: ~/remote

      This will either begin the remote, and you can see the results by opening the folder and watch them roll in, or, you will get a prompt opening your browser and asking you to give permission to begin.

      Depending on how many photos, it may take hours to get them all. doing this before bed is a good idea.

      So! Now you have all of your super cool photos on your computer, you should do something with them!

      This is where the program imagination comes in. Imagination will string all your pictures together with transitions making a video to transfer to dvd.

      First decide what photos you want in your dvd. Make another folder for this purpose and choose a bunch. I think I had about 400 or so in mine, but there is room for a thousand or so on the disk depending on camera quality etc..

      Open the program Imagination. Up at the top is a icon to import pictures. This opens a dialog to do so. (TIP) Use the shift key to get all your photos at once.

      Once this is done, you can set your transitions. To set the same transition for all of the photo’s, click on ‘slide’ and select all, then choose your transition type and seconds between the photos.

      Once you have make all the changes you want, click on ‘slideshow’ > export.

      This will make a video named Imagination.vob. You can name and place the file anywhere you like, but the name needs to be Imagination.vob WITH THE CAPITAL I to work with the script.

      Imagination.vob will be changed into mpeg and placed onto a disk. To do that, we will need to set up to burn. This is easy!

      mkdir ~/Videos if not already existing.

      Make a new file named In a terminal:
      This will create the file that will be used to run ffmpeg.

      Place this code inside, press f2 to save. (will ask)

      ffmpeg -i Imagination.vob -vf "pad=5/4*iw:5/4*ih:(ow-iw)/2:(oh-ih)/2" -b:v 8600k -target ntsc-dvd movievideo.mpg ;
      mkdir dvd ;
      mv ~/Videos/movievideo.mpg ~/Videos/dvd ;
      cd ~/Videos/dvd ;
      export VIDEO_FORMAT=NTSC ;
      dvdauthor -o dvd/ -t movievideo.mpg ;
      dvdauthor -o dvd/ -T ;
      genisoimage -dvd-video -V HOMEVIDEO -o dvd.iso dvd/ ;
      mv ~/Videos/dvd/dvd.iso ~/Videos/dvd.iso ;
      rm -r ~/Videos/dvd &
      rm ~/Videos/*.mp4 &
      rm ~/Videos/cam.txt ;
      cd ~/Videos ;
      growisofs -dvd-video -Z /dev/sr0=dvd.iso ;
      echo "               **********************************************"
      echo "               **********************************************"
      echo "               *                                            *"
      echo "               *                                            *"
      echo "               *                                            *"
      echo "               *           YAY!  YOU MADE A DVD!!!          *"
      echo "               *                                            *"
      echo "               *                                            *"
      echo "               *                                            *"
      echo "               **********************************************"
      echo "               **********************************************" ;

      Put in /usr/local/bin to be called from the terminal.

      Now you are ready for the final part!
      Put a blank dvd in now.

      Change your directory to the working directory (Videos)
      cd Videos

      IMPORTANT Open you file manager and place Imagination.vob into ~/Videos If you named it something else while in imagination, simply change the name to Imagination.vob

      Now type in:

      With any luck, you will soon be watching your new DVD.

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