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    It seems that something might be missing for running gpsd on antiX 19. I am running on a live USB.
    Having installed gpsd and gpsd-clients, I have not got any output from gpsd.
    I have checked:
    gpsd is running (ps ax | grep gpsd),
    plugging in a GPS receiver (USB) creates a new device (/dev/ttyACM0) and creates a /dev/gps0 link to the new device,
    running gpsmon direct to the device (gpsmon /dev/ttyACM0) shows that the receiver is producing data which should be going to gpsd
    any client which expects to be getting data from gpsd (gpsmon, cgps, cgps localhost:/dev/ttyACM0, …) gets nothing.
    I have another GPS receiver which gets /dev/ttyUSB0 created; the result and behaviour is the same.
    I also have another Debian-based installation which works properly, but that is systemd.
    Of course, installing from a Debian repository has brought in a gpsd environment for systemd so, without that, there may be something missing.
    It appears to be the case that there is nothing to link the device created when a GPS receiver is plugged in with the running gpsd.
    I have seen mention (in /lib/udev/rules.d/60-gpsd.rules) of a gpsd.hotplug script which should do the trick but have not found one for a Debian distribution!


    Guess you have been here,

    Had a different device problem to yours but found a lot of information in ubuntu area,
    helped me to understand and fix udev to recognise the device from id.


    Thanks for providing those links, however they do not fit the problem!
    I have GPS devices – 2 in fact. It is clear that udev is firing – it creates the device files.
    The problem as I see it, is that once the device files are created there is nothing to link the running gpsd to the new device file.
    The udev gpsd.rules file installed assumes the systemd environment but antiX does not have that. I would rather like to see a gpsd.rules file (and any associated files) that did not assume systemd.
    It may be that what is needed is a call to run gpsdctl. But what data needs to be passed?


    You probably already looked here


    You probably already looked here

    Dead right! On a tab open for days now!
    I stopped in working through their udev troubleshooting because
    1 it needed make(!) and I am trying to run a live-usb pendrive, and
    2 it mentions a gpsd.hotplug handler which has not been installed (possibly not needed with systemd).
    The gpsd source tarball has a gpsd.hotplug BUT it is copyright 2010 and I think there have been some changes to udev since then. Also the gpsd troubleshooting page mentions that the handler

    has two layers, a shell script wrapper around a little Python program that does the real work.

    and the gpsd.hotplug script gives no indication that it looks like part of that.
    Many thanks for your input! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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