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    Long ago I used a few T series Thinkpads and they were very good.

    I think that this X201 is a LOT BIGGER than the other models I previously used.

    I remember that they were among the first systems I actually used with a wireless networking connection. I used most other systems connected to wired Ethernet.

    I still remember a time 12-15 years ago when I had to go to a laundromat a few times while I was transitioning temporarily between homes and didn’t have my laundry facilities accessible. Every time I went out I’d take my laptop with me. Most of the time I took an old Dell D600 with me, but I think I had an old Thinkpad that STILL had IBM branding on it; T42 if I remember correctly (I’ve used multiple IBM, Dell, and HP laptops when working under contract). Of course I could not INSTALL software on these systems, but I could put a bootable CD or USB in and I’d run either antiX or Simply MEPIS while waiting for the washer and dryer. This gave me a chance to check out Wifi performance, actually carrying and using these systems remotely, and without fail, both antiX and MEPIS ran well. Back then they were light enough that they even started and ran well from CD and even better from USB.

    One of the reasons I became so attached to this community was that as I was researching laptop computers and their wireless operation, and also live boot, MEPIS and antiX (also an OLD distro called Kanotix) did quite well. Some of the Kanotix team formed a few other Debian-based distros and they always ran well too.

    Brian Masinick


    That’s the Exton Linux version, so it’s apparently Enlightenment 0.23.1 on ExLight (Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid).
    It’s a decent distro, though I think that antiX with IceWM would run a bit faster, though there’s plenty of capacity for either of them,

    From my testing Exton DebEx, which is about the same, antiX is much better on memory use. Looks to me that antiX with Budgie on top is more efficient that Exton DebEx. I do not understand why antiX comes out as more efficient on memory against another Debian based system with the same Budgie DE. This is great though because antiX has lots of tools infrastructure already integrated in Control Center and with better performance results it seems Budgie might be a perfect fit for antiX. But again, I am not partial to any of these higher level DEs.


    There is a simple reason, and it is possible to make some distributions somewhat more efficient:
    By default to make things “simple” many distributions provide and enable a number of services and activate network ports for many activities and processes.

    You can get rid of a lot of cruft, provided you understand what you are removing. Still, antiX will be more efficient than most, but maybe not by as much of a difference. LOTS of opportunities to reduce unnecessary processes once you learn about them. I did a lot of that in the past. These days I mostly run the distros I like. Exton probably won’t be around long if I keep that hardware.

    Brian Masinick

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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