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    AntiX is a bit different from most linux dists, but I DO like it.
    I did see a comment about not being able to put ICONS on the desktop, but I stumbled on a way:-

    Hit DESKTOP, then “ROX-PANEL ON/OFF” which will turn on the ROX-PANEL – a BAR at the top of the screen,
    and on it is a square in the left corner – click on it and you will get a panel with ALL the programs at your disposal.
    Then simply DRAG and DROP any that you want onto your desktop …….

    I hope this helps someone? Regards to all, BobbyT


    I am just a user who tried many Linux distros and finally settled for this one as IMHO the most dexterous.
    Regarding dragging icons from Rox panel to desktop: I tried on antiX 19 B3 and it did not work for me. Perhaps I am missing something… This is out of my curiosity of such capability, not that I want many icons (more than just 3-4) on desktop.
    Is there some trick I missed?


    olsztyn, your problem may be explained by the fact that you can only set up desktop-icons
    on the rox- and space- desktops.

    On a pure fluxbox or jwm, for example, this is not possible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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