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    Hey all, how are you doing?
    I am very happy to come back to Antix because I used to be a Windows user, my laptop is old 995 mb of ram.
    first I had installed the last version of AntiX I think that 17.x. in 2020. after using it for the whole 2020 I wanted to try others distros, I went through Puppy, Tiny Core, Q4OS and Debian Buster with lxde. but I’ve realized tha I like Antix more than those other distros. for that reason I came back to AntiX and I feel happy using it.

    I have only one question… I am trying to install and execute tlauncher (minecraft) but I can’t execute the .jar.
    I tried and I tried but I could not do it. I install java and javafx.
    is it possible to run a .jar in AntiX? my laptop has a 32 bits architecure.
    I know Linux is not for play games but I like playing them all.

    thank you all and nice to meet you


    Hi MaxGArriola,

    Welcome back.

    you could try installing the default-jre package to run .jar files. I don’t play
    minecraft or many games. good luck on getting it working.

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    Howdy and Welcome. When I ran challenged gear with low ram and cpu.

    Dosbox was my friend when it came to games. I just download a bunch of dos games into a dedicated folder in /home.
    Make the default run action in rox file manager in that dos games folder dosbox.
    Single click that game to launch it.

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    Hi MaxGArriola, did you already try what is described here ?



    welcome back to antiX. I’m not a gamer, but I have used DOSBox. I agree with rokytnji, I would try that.



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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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