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    Hallo Lluga, going through this thread, and trying to give some further help.
    Many BIOS do not have diagnostic tool.
    Have you replaced the board battery, ?,
    if it is old and weak all sorts of strange things can and often do happen.
    I would reccommend you check if you can set BIOS Defaults or reset the BIOS, for
    some boards you can do that rom BIOS, some have a jumper you have to move others will
    reset if you take out the battery for a while, at least minutes in my experience.

    Find out exactly which board you have and search for an instruction manual in the internet.

    Updating BIOS is,risky unless you have a dual BIOS board that is and even they can fail.
    Do it as last resort.

    Please check if your memory modules are correct specification for the board. Reduce to one module
    if possible, check for crashing, if yes fit other module. There is a bootable tool called memtest 86
    you can find in the internet. It is useful for testing purposes.

    Carefuly Check for bulging capacitors on the board, quite a common problem on older hardware. Only bigger capacitors
    are affected, not the surface mounted ones. Unstable power causes crashes. If needed the repair is pretty easy and cheap.

    Is the cooling system clean ??, including power supply fan. DO NOT OPEN POWER SUPPLY unless you are (for example) tube
    TV trained. The energy stored in high tension capacitors can kill in an instant. Better stop the fan turning with dry
    wooden tool and clean with air jet.

    You might have dry paste between processor and heatsink, also not uncommon.
    Not a job for user unless you know how, I have killed a board while doing that job.


    When a machine shuts down all by itself, many times its caused by overheating. Almost always that is a hardware related problem of some kind. Check if fans are working and if airways are clear. Check CPU temperature by hovering over CPU monitor next to clock. Moddit’s post has good ideas.

    I think your Grub install problem is solved, but if you can’t keep the hardware running, it’s not going to last long.

    Good luck!


    Hi and thanks a lot for the Help, it has been precious !

    There’s so much topics to figure out, that I’ll take some time to take a look to all :))

    As a matter of fact, in my modest opinion it’s clear that some Issues with the machines have several times to do with hardware more then with software.

    Anyway I’ll reply for some questions you formulated :

    – Yes it’s clearly important and interesting and I’ve already made some steps forward to learn how to deal with basic Linux command lines.
    The steps were nevertheless still just a few, I’m at the beginning and unfortunately not always have time 🙂
    – I’d already changed the CMOS battery before, it was one of the first things I’ve done. It had a jumper that I set also to the clear position a few moments. With that I’ve reset BIOS to default.
    – The capacitors seem to be good, no signs of bulging or gas over them, or loose from board
    – I took the desktop case out as usual, the fans are cleaned and I even tested PSU. Still didn’t see if Voltages are within tolerance.
    – Yes paste between CPU and heat sink would be also right inspected. I’ll nevertheless let this as last job 🙂

    I’ll come with news

    till then

    thanks again


    PS : dumb question :
    How would I run skype from a Terminal ?
    How to put an icon at the desktop ?
    Any tips for sites where I can find different MOBO Manuals ? for my Foxconn P4M900-8237A found nothing

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