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      title says it all. new here.
      i have been using antiX live on and off for a few months now.
      finally however i am installing it on my hdd.
      i love the repo list (assuming im talking about the right thing) and simplicity of antiX.
      currently i am going for a java se certification which i am doing great after my first week.
      hopefully i will have no troubles programming/compiling/running stuff on it… (does it support jdk8?..)
      also i don’t think people realize the value of having low specs- it allows you to focus on stuff.
      anywho i look forward to being friends and contributing ideas in the near future with the community here.
      peace. peace. peace.

      p.s. i left a lot of capitalization off because it just looks more uniform to me, but i do have a headache maybe it was a bad idea?..

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        Howdy and Welcome. I will leave it to others to answer your jdk8 question. As far as what repos to enable to get what you wish working through synaptic package manager.



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          Welcome & Howdy from Cajun Country down in the Bayous of Louisiana. Glad you found us.


            hello Antix friends
            I have used antix in some laptops, last eight years.
            Now I use it in asus ee pc with CPU 600MHz RAM 1GB via sdcard.
            For this linux distribution I can say only one word

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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