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    I am new to antiX but have known about it for a while. Currently, I use MX but have antiX installed and also PCLinuxOS KDE. I was a long time user of PCLinuxOS until I broke it and moved on to MX. I just sent the g/f a computer with antiX installed and we are both trying to learn our way around it.

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    Welcome to the little world of antiX!

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    Welcome aboard. 🙂

    AntiX & MX are two great distros, you’ll be happy with either, & so will your computer. 😉

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    DiverDan, Welcome to antiX!

    Glad you found MX as well. I’m a “multi-boot” Linux user, and have been for over twenty years now.

    Interesting that you mention PCLinuxOS. I found that distribution in the early 2000s around the same time I found developers working on several distributions. The guy that was the primary initial developer of PCLinuxOS, TexStar, used to frequently create .rpm packages of software that would usually work on RPM-based Linux distributions of the early 2000s – I used some of them with Caldera OpenLinux and Mandrake around the same time I started using Debian-based distributions, but over time the Debian-based distributions became my favorites – and the Debian derived distribution Simply MEPIS that preceded antiX and MX Linux all gained much from the efforts of the developers during that period of time. Many of their applications and tools got their start around that time and have greatly improved into what we use in our distributions today. So we thank the work of the great developers we have now, but astute observers also are grateful for the efforts that began to really advance and accelerate between 2000-2005. Ever since, we’ve had continually improving free software that is stable and easy to use.

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    I am new to antiX … I just sent the g/f a computer with antiX installed and we are both trying to learn our way around it.

    Welcome aboard, and, man, that’s so romantic! <3 Last time I did that, it ended up miserably…


    I am new to antiX

    Hi! Welcome! You can dig around the forum to find small tips that make live on antiX so much easier to new users! For example- disabling “single clicks” (if you don’t like that), enable desktop right click menu (if you miss it), if you don’t like ROX file manager- set SpaceFM as your default file manager (search for file manager on the forum to see tips to make SpaceFM look and act even more like a more “common” File Manager)- other than the default file manager I believe most people used to other OS (linux or Windows) won’t have many problems adapting to antiX- maybe some finer things like adding icons to the desktop or toolbar may be more difficult, but, nothing that a good search on the forum won’t solve!
    I hope you gf likes antiX- my wife never really got used to Linux, even though she used it for years on our home desktop (It was a long time ago I used Linux Mint then- it was even fore Windows 10 was out- so the interface was very similar to Windows 7 and she didn’t have problems with it). She does not like antiX nor MX (even though she puts her laptop’s Windows toolbar on the vertical position! She’s the only person that I know that does that- I put my MX bar on the bottom. where it’s supposed to be 🙂 )



    Welcome to antiX DiverDan. I do miss KDE sometimes and I have a VM with a KDE spin of MX. But I have found IceWM quite adequate once I got used to it. It became necessary for my older systems. antiX runs the best for me on Pentium-III and Pentium-4 systems. I run MX/XFCE on Core2 or Core iX systems.


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