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      Hello, just in case it might be useful to anyone: a few weeks ago I installed Antix 32 bit on a HP Mini 210. It originally came with Windows 7, then I upgraded to Windows8 (long time ago), but it was so slow that the Mini Notebook couldn’t be used. I decided to reuse the unit, giving Antix a try. At the beginning, initial attempts to install were unsuccessful due to a buggy BIOS. So I tried the acpi=off, which allowed me to proceed.

      After some experience with Antix, I realized that the HP Mini 210 has a 64 bit CPU, so I installed the 64 bit version, without formatting the hard-disk so as not to lose the data at /home

      Unfortunately, disabling ACPI created a few problems such as: lack of battery usage control, not being able to put it into suspend mode, etc. The HP MINI has a bothersome problem: it doesn’t come back to life easily after shutdown, so it is more convenient to put it into suspend mode. Getting it to boot meant going through a complicated procedure: removing the battery, connecting to the AC, and then pressing Windows key+B. After many attempts, some magic, and lots of luck, the screen might come back alive.

      Anyway, I became curious and tried some other ACPI parameters, as shown in this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI
      The relevant text is:

      “If “acpi=off” allows the system to boot, try to isolate the ACPI issue with the following boot parameters
      • Try booting with “acpi=ht”
      ◦ This disables all of ACPI except just enough to enable Hyper Threading. If acpi=off works and acpi=ht fails, then the issue is in the ACPI table parsing code itself, or perhaps the SMP code.
      • Try booting with “pci=noacpi”
      ◦ This disables ACPI for IRQ routing and PCI scanning.
      • Try booting with “acpi=noirq”
      ◦ This disables ACPI for IRQ routing.
      • Try booting with “pnpacpi=off”
      ◦ This disables the ACPI component of the Linux Plug and Play code.
      • Try booting with “noapic”
      ◦ Disables the IO-APIC for IRQ routing or PCI scanning.
      • Try booting with “nolapic”
      ◦ Disables the local APIC. “

      After several attempts at boot time (pressing e and editing the boot parameters) the option nolapic proved successful and at last Antix booted normally.

      Next, I edited /etc/default/grub adding the line: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=”nolapic”. I regenerated and reinstalled grub and now the main ACPI options work smoothly.

      Thanks to the Antix team for making this possible.


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        Thank YOU for posting the fix.

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          Olá, jl62.

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            @jl62, nice and thank you for sharing your discovery and solution.


              This looks very interesting, thanks. I am hoping to incorporate it into my attempt to avoid “acpi=off” on a “new” (to me) MSI laptop, currently sporting Windows XP.


                Wish you best of luck!. It’s amazing how antiX makes old and supposedly unusable hardware come back to life and regular use.

                I’m so far very happy with antiX on my HP Mini 210 and on another relatively old Lenovo laptop which previously had Ubuntu installed (it goes without saying, antiX is way faster).


                  Thanks that solved my recent boot problem !
                  Now this old laptop boots at first and not randomly

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