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    Im more old than new, just new to this helpful and friendly forum.
    Have been in the Linux world since it came to me on 5 diskettes.
    Before that my OS was TOS on a highly modified Atari ST260. Looked awful but was an
    excellent device, amazingly it still works although kicked around in the attic for years.
    I am slowly exploring and gaining experience with AntiX. Very happy to be without the
    all pervasive OS from Pottering and consorten which everything else depends on.
    Right now running the latest Beta 3, trying to get sound to work with TOR browser, that which
    works fine in MX, Manjaro too. Found some info here in the forum which may help.
    Hopefully the sound issues will be a thing of the past in a stable version as new users might
    move on quickly and never discover what a gem antiX really is.


    I am just a humble user who tried all kinds of Linux over long time and I agree with you that antiX is a gem that no other distribution (that I know) can match. It is the only Linux I use nowadays. For me there is no use of bloat and useless eyecandy with no substance… In my observation is antiX creators have continually made quite dexterous choices and IMHO nothing comes close to antiX in terms of what is important.
    Your sound problems with TOR: In this forum you are in the hands of very friendly experts who may be able to help…

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    I lost sound in Google-Chrome till I installed pulse-audio package in package installer in the AntiX control center .

    Not sure if tor uses pulse audio as default or not for sound though myself.

    Howdy and Welcome.

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    How to Search for AntiX solutions to your problems

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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