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    Hello there!

    I’m thrilled to have found AntiX. I was able to install it on an old Pentium 3 Panasonic Toughbook and make it practical for some limited daily use.
    AntiX installs effortlessly and is well thought out.

    I appreciate the work of the developers and have made a donation to show it.

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    Many of us are here for the same reasons, Welcome…


    Welcome to the forum babtras, nice you found your way here.


    Greetings babtras and any other recent visitors to the antiX forum!

    I’ve been a longtime fan and user of both antiX and it’s cousin, MX Linux, as well as their ancestor, MEPIS, and their upstream parent, Debian.

    All of these are very flexible. Once upon a time, Debian was really not suitable for a beginner, and the other distributions in this family really carved out some really nice niches. While on one hand there are a great number of systems and distributions that are both efficient and easy to install and use – even Debian itself has made great strides over the past two decades, antiX still has a great sweet spot and niche for light to moderately light software in terms of today’s generation of system software, and MX holds a similarly suitable spot as a light-medium weight, flexible, easy to use distribution.

    Only REALLY old systems or really unusual systems will encounter any difficulty with either antiX or MX – I’ve yet to encounter one, but I tend to use mainstream systems with an age between 3-10 years old.

    Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the offerings of antiX and MX Linux, and feel free to explore the forums, Wiki sites, news, and documentation that is available. If you have any difficulty locating anything, many of us are patient and willing to help out. Best wishes to all!

    Brian Masinick


    Hello there!

    make it practical for some limited daily use.

    Hi and welcome! I am in the same situation as you, using a old single core netbook at home, as my main pc… For internet browsing and youtube videos, I mostly use a lighter browser than Firefox ESR- ungoogled chromium- it runs suprisingly light… If you are short on RAM it’s a plus! I also use SMplayer and even directly mpv or gnome-mpv to view youtube videos (and also videos from lots of other streaming sites), but you probably have to upgrade youtube-dl, if antiX does not do so by itself…
    For office work, LibreOffice is a competent suite, but it may seem a bit slow on older machines, even with the quick start enabled (that does not exist in the newer version that will come with antiX19)… I tried on-line office suites -but they are even slower than native applications.
    While browsing I tend to have only one or 2 tabs open and I don’t tend to multitask a lot, not to strain my system resources, and antiX runs great, a couple of tasks at a time :-).
    If you aldready didn’t try to do so, take a look at the different Desktop Managers – JWM and Fluxbox may look “ugly” out of the box but they are even lighter than the Default IceWM… If you want to save some 20 Mb of RAM, use IceWM, but without desktop icons (no ROX or SPACEFM prefix)…


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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