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    Hello everyone, I was a member ages ago, ‘haxu’, but I didn’t post much then and probably won’t now.. But I am compelled to join again as I’ve been so impressed with the new antiX ‘bullseye’ alphas.
    I am, or have been, a hopeless ‘distro-hopper’, until systemd reduced me down to just a few distros (choice is all). I’ve been using Void, Agarimos (based on void), Obarun and Devuan derivatives like Miyo. Long story short, on my system, need to look up the best way to display sysinfo, the antiX alpha runs as fast as Agarimos LXDE or Obarun JWM, but it’s antiX which is superior in many ways.
    Thank you Anticapitalista and everyone else involved in producing antiX


    but it’s antiX which is superior in many ways.

    You know we will agree with that!

    Welcome back to the forum! 🙂

    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    RE: “but it’s antiX which is superior in many ways.”

    Yeah, most of us who have been here a long time will probably agree.

    There are many very good distributions. For me, I appreciate antiX Linux and MX Linux in particular because even very early test builds are almost always usable, even if there are a few defects. It’s great to be able to test a system that will, at a minimum, boot up and run simple package updates, common utilities and standard Web Browsers. These two distributions rarely fail to do these things, even in the very first Alpha build. By the time they are released, there are very few, if any, remaining defects. There may be a few other distributions that are solid, but to me, these are the characteristics that I especially appreciate. Their efficiency is great too, but I place reliability at a higher priority; fortunately we are very good at all of these things, so those are my reasons that I continue to enjoy antiX.

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    Howdy and Welcome.

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    As you know, I am new here, but despite the warning not to use bullseye-alpha2 as your main system, I am using it as such.
    Each and every app I installed works fine ( so far )
    I still have < mountains > to learn, but that will come in time
    Thanks a lot from me and my old laptops. They are happy to spin again without crashing.

    Brian MasinickBrian Masinick

    @jing-jo: I hope you continue to enjoy antiX. Welcome to the community.

    Brian Masinick

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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