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      I used a lot to install GNU/Linux on “old” computers.

      I tested slitaz, zenwalk, puppy linux, etc… finally I found archlinux well for these old computers.
      The problem is that archlinux is not good for beginners, for people who don’t like to update continuously, to solve some problems regularly.

      Then I discovered antix, and found that really great! The work for liveusb (persistence, etc…) the technical choices (icewm, jwm, herbstluftwm, iso-snapshot, claws-mail…) are great.
      I use antix mostly to give “old” computers to people with a good distribution installed on them.

      I like photography, botanics, fermented things (beer, vinegar, bread, …), cycling (with recumbent bikes), abandonned factories, crochet (to make cloth with wool), knots

      I like lightweight applications, w3m, dwm, sylpheed, … and hate bloated applications (for me they force people to buy new computers).


        Hi! Hello from Portugal, I use antiX so I don’t have to wast my much needed money on new computers 🙂
        I’ve been using it as my main OS both at home and in my office for about 1 year…
        I like good stories (in print audio, tv or in the movies), finding up new stuff on-line and spending time with my family 🙂

        P.S.- I have to ask… “abandoned factories”?

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        Sadshark [p.n.2001]

          That’s cool that you like abandoned places @millerebonds. I am a big fan of them as well. One of my favorite blogs on the topic is Abandoned Kansai, featuring mainly Japanese and German haikyo locations.

          Running antinataliX GNU/Linux 19.9 on my Compaq Mini 110c-1100
          On my desktop running Kubuntu 18.04 LTS
          The antinatalist antifascist childfree vegan mini-manifesto
          Bertolt Brecht's beautiful poem, the Unconquerable Inscription.


            Welcome and Howdy from Cajun Country in the Bayous of Louisiana.

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