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    Just to say Hello from the UK.
    I’m new to antiX, though been with Linux for last 5 years, migrating to Linux following the demise of WinXP.
    To date, the distros we continue to use for the family’s 64-bit machines are Linux Lite (Ubuntu-based) and Manjaro.

    One of our machines is a low-powered i686 laptop (Medion MIM2080) – its spec is 1.5GHz single-core CPU & 980MB RAM.
    I tried it with antiX 17.4.1 32-bit for the first time a few days ago. I have to say that antiX seems to make this lowly machine ‘fly’, though the prepackaged Firefox had to be replaced with Midori to give a usable browsing experience on the internet.

    Looking forward to joining in some of the discussions on the forum from time to time.

    Something I couldn’t find on the antiX website: what are the end-of-life dates for the stable release versions of …
    – antiX 17
    – antiX 19 when it finally comes out (not the beta version)


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    I have this old Dell Inspiron 1501 with a knackered HD that runs antix 17 64 bit on a usb plug. It works surprisingly well.

    antix 19 is released when the guys have finished testing, and I think also around the time that anti himself returns to Greece from the UK. He spends summer hiding in Nottingham Forest playing Robin Hood 😉

    Honest! 🙂

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    Sounds like another pragmatic linux user.

    Howdy and Welcome.

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