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    I’m an old coot, and been using XP Pro for about five years now. Past couple years I been trying to learn Linux for online shopping & banking. Started out with Puppy Linux which was a bust. Setting up the network connection was a hurdle I couldn’t jump, so I started looking through Youtube review videos to find a distro I could handle. Came up with MX Linux, AntiX, Linux Mint, and TAILS. I went with MX Linux, and had been using it nearly a year in LiveCD mode before I noticed it was making my HDD spin into overdrive, which freaked me out enough to stop using it. I tried Linux Mint but it did the same. AntiX and TAILS seem to be the only ones that leave my HDD alone, so these are the only distros I use now (both as Live CD). I have a secondary HDD for an AnitX install, but waiting to see if I can learn it. It’s a lot more difficult than MX Linux was.

    My setup is a used Dell Optiplex 755 I bought off Ebay, which I had modified (and checked for nasties) at the local computer shop. I had the CD-Rom replaced with a DVD burner, the 4GB RAM upped to 8 GB, and a mobile rack put into the spare 5.25 bay. It came per-installed with a corporate version of XP Pro, the sort that does not have to be activated, and all that rot. I’m on VDSL, and apparently it’s a slow speed, or so I’m told by the speedchecker sites. Seems as fast as the library or printshop computers, so fine by me. At least I ain’t on no dang timeclock, nor other limits. Internet has been a great boon to me. I replaced my $90 a month Comcast cable-TV with this $50 month VDSL. Now I watch ‘free’ movie/TV shows, get to explore the internet & darknet, shop online, etc., which I’d call a major bargain! I will be needing help with this AntiX though, but nothing is perfect.

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    Welcome to our little world … and post any questions you have, we’ll try to help.

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    Got a Dell 755 tower myself. Howdy and Welcome.

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