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      Hi guys, on holiday at the moment. I’ve actually used AntiX now successfully for more than 1.5 years and recently switched over to 17 when it became available. Reason being because my Crunchbang Waldorf install on this machine really became very old and I wanted to stay systemd free but with a Debian base. Also don’t have that much time any more to set things up myself and AntiX got a nice choice of tools.

      I used to write some articles on a blog that hasn’t been updated in ages now and always found some small issues with old versions of it, I think I reviewed 13 and 14, can’t remember, but that’s long ago and I’ve been really happy with it since starting to run it full time and not just for a few days for the purpose of a review. Have been lurking here and on the old forum quite a while now from time to time.

      Reason why I joined is that I’ve got a small problem of the mouse not working that developed after deleting a rudimentary udev config file in synaptic, but I’ll post that separately in a problem thread. So, thanks to anti for a wonderful distro and for not giving up and to the community that keeps things going.



        Glad you are here Barnaby, Welcome.

        The answer to your mouse problem is: HERE


          ^ Thanks!

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            Howdy and Welcome from The Sunny Tex/Mex Border

            $ inxi -xxx -W 79772
            Weather:   Conditions: 104 F (40 C) - Clear Wind: From the SW at 7 MPH Gusting to 26 MPH 
                       Humidity: 7% Pressure: 29.76 in (1008 mb) Dew Point: 28 F (-2 C) Location: 79772 
                       altitude: 787.3 m Time: Thu 10 May 2018 10:11:10 PM CDT 
                       Observation Time: May 10, 4:55 PM CDT 

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              Howdy brother. That’s pretty awful hot. Do you do BBQ’s in that weather?

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