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    Hello, I’m new to Antix (and Linux too). I only use little Lubuntun and SparkyLinux in VirtulaBox(just for fun).
    Now I want to try Antix on my very old laptop with Intel Celeron and 256+128mb RAM.
    I make USB Boot with MultinootUSB and boot through plop bootmanager installed with BOOTICE.
    But Antix not starting (tried laptop and VirtualBox).
    I see only text “Press F1 for Help” (image in attachment)
    But SparkyLinux and MS-DOS also copied to pendrive boots well. What should I do?

    PS. Have you any suggestions about installation like this:
    C: 4gb Fat32 – Win98 – I Want to replace with DOS
    ? 20gb – Free place I make from C – Here I want to install Antix
    D: 20gb NTFS -WinXP (installed)
    E: 20gb Fat32 – games, files etc. I want to use this from all systems

    And after partitioning from C I cant boot winxp from D, so is there any app like BOOTICE fro linux?


    Let us see the facts first:

    What we have is:

    1. I’m new to Antix (and Linux too)
    2. Very old laptop with Intel Celeron and 256+128mb RAM … which was junk 10 years ago
    3. MultinootUSB
    4. plop bootmanager installed with BOOTICE
    5. Antix not starting (tried laptop and VirtualBox)
    6. SparkyLinux and MS-DOS also copied to pendrive boots well
    7. I’m new … I want a lot … I know too little … I use something that 15 years ago had to be replaced with a computer …

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    (Sorry, didn’t mean anything bad but, just couln’t resist)

    My suggestion is as following: start from the beginning and start with “known working.

    And … start with a Pen Drive that works on other old machines.

    Get yourself Rufus:


    and then i386 / i486 copy of antiX:


    Take OLDEST WORKING USB flash drive you can find (15 year old USB1 1GB would be perfect) and MAKE SURE you can boot it on some other very, very old Laptop BEFORE you continue.

    If you make it to boot on your computer, start with NOMODESET and ACPI=OFF options.

    When you are so far, you can tell us how’s going.

    Good luck!


    +1 (I would follow the advice/instructions in missTell’s post)

    Now let’s see the “alternative facts”:

    1. I’m not familiar with MultinootUSB (nor MultiBootUSB)
    2. I’m proofread evreything I wrtie, so expect othres to do same, and soemtimes poke ’em with stikcs when they dont
    3. engrish is not my first language, it is my only language. How sad is that?
    4. not new, I should have been replace by a computer 15 years ago… and I still know too little


    Mr. skidoo – I am surprised you can be so funny, considering you have taken so seriously my Greek comments in Greek Kafeneio…
    Regarding this issue brought up to attention by new AntiX user I see the positive side: AntiX is known to be so good that it boots on almost anything, regardless of conditions… This is the perception and (high) level of expectation of AntiX it seems…

    User iNeedHelp:
    Do not be discouraged. What is the exact model of your laptop and does it have CD drive?
    I can tell you that among my many laptops one of them is about like yours – close to 20 years old PIII Thinkpad T23, also with USB 1.1 and Antix runs fine on it.
    Never mind Virtualbox on a different laptop story, just try to boot AntiX from ISO on CD drive and see what you get…


    @skidoo: about “alternative facts” — please see the image below … no proofreading, just a plain ol’ c&p 😉

    Now NOT alternative facts:

    1. Multi-boot USB is not as reliable as Single-boot USB.
    2. There are different ways how the ISO’s are created and many different ways how the (single- or multi-) boot pendrives can be written / created.
    3. Installing any OS from a USB on some old machines, +/- year 2000 ~ 2003, can be very challenging, even for people who exactly know what they do.
    4. USB & USB-Ports compatibility is a known problem — general recommendation if something does not work is still the same since there is USB boot:
    –> use same USB pen drive speed as the USB-ports (USB1 on USB1 port, USB2 on USB2 port, USB3 on USB3 port).
    5. Multi-boot needs a certain degree of knowledge and understanding …
    Even if one makes it to boot from USB, using PLOP as a boot manager means, one has to know where to put Grub or Syslinux, so that Linux boots but, so that PLOP doesn’t get killed.
    Multi-boot of “Mixed environment” (Linux, Mac, Solaris & Windows for example) is very challenging task — one has to know exactly what one’s doing and why so and not different.
    Which system has to be installed first, which one last, which one will overwrite what or how, which settings to make inside of each system to keep it working after install …

    Proper answer (explanation and description of complete process) to the question of a thread starter would make enough material for a book or at least a booklet. There’s just too much that can go wrong in such use cases like the one described at the beginning.

    @olsztyn: Don’t understand me wrong, I don’t mind old machines but, …

    … close to 20 years old PIII Thinkpad T23, also with USB 1.1 and Antix runs fine on it.

    “Runs fine” is a very personal opinion and not questionable but, there is another much more relevant part to it: what for are you doing it exactly?

    If you only see it as a challenge and a “just killing time” occupation / hobby, then it’s fine.

    If you want a machine that serves any other purpose then just “trying to see if I can make it”, then you can forget it.

    Such old things just can’t do any serious work today, no matter from which point of view you look at it.

    Screen with very low resolution, processor speed is to low, energy consumption too high, if laptop, then battery died 15 years ago, if you start web browser, machine stops responding … and even if it still works somehow, do you really want to rely on 20 years old HD or even processor for any serious work?


    “Runs fine” is a very personal opinion and not questionable but, there is another much more relevant part to it: what for are you doing it exactly?

    You are right in the entire your post. It is more proof of concept that AntiX can run, sort of. There is also a challenge to make it work, particularly when you do not have SSE2 and the only reasonable browser that kind of works is Palemoon.
    True, not much useful can be done except challenge. With such old machines challenges are enormous and difficult to overcome:
    – USB 1
    – WiFi only WEP. Cannot connect to current routers.
    – If you stick in USB WiFi adapter it will not work even with Palemoon without dropping when starting browsing as USB 1 is not sufficient.
    – You cannot realistically boot from USB without waiting forever. Needs to boot from hard drive or start booting from CD and forward to frugal.
    If a machine is not that old so it has USB2, many of the above problems go away, though…
    So yes, you cannot expect such old machines to serve core functionality nowadays…


    I use something that 15 years ago had to be replaced with a computer

    Computer is human best friend, like dog. 🙂 Do you replace your friends?

    My old laptop is Toshiba Satellite A5, i install plop boot manager because it don’t boot usb. Problem is that my pendrive dont’t boot antix on VBox on new PC (win7, 8gb, RAM etc).

    I’m using VBox Boot Utility (from this tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvYkujvUXhc).

    I think I do this multiboot wrong or this MultibootUSB isn’t work with Antix.
    I must try other app, if it won’t boot then i burn antix to CD.

    Thanks for replies. I will try to do something when i return home.

    Forum Admin

    As to the OP personal question. I suggest you start here


    As to the specs involved with this thread. I suggest mocp, a file manager, working audio, a stereo amp with speakers plugged into the sound jack on the said computer < headphone jack>

    Instant linux Jukebox. Use the other computer for the internet. You might get lucky and it can handle mp4 movies with that ancient graphics card also with the alsa driver. Play stored videos also.

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    Believe it or not but, while writing “Installing any OS from a USB on some old machines, +/- year 2000 ~ 2003, can be very challenging …”, I was actually thinking of Toshiba Satellite and their Insyde BIOS. 🙂

    One of the greatest software collections in whole internet, you’ll find on: https://suckless.org/. Must have bookmark for ani3 awesome herbstluft user.

    You’d off course, want to take a look under “Stuff that rocks”. “suck less” === rocks 😉


    You might also want to check:


    Hi, I had the same problem with MultibootUSB.
    MultibootUSB has multiple bootloaders. The default loads this screen with F1.
    When you select grub bootloader, then you get a working version of Antix.

    But if that is to much, a singleboot usb might be a better idea

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