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    John Biles

      Hello Everyone,
      Between 2007 and 2017 I released TEENpup and then LegacyOS Linux which were based on Puppy Linux which some of you might have tried or used a few years back. Development stopped in 2017 as I found the base LegacyOS was based on no longer could keep up with the Web Browser standards that kept changing and after 10 years decided to stop development. Mid last year I decided to start developing a new version of LegacyOS and as before was going to base it on Puppy Linux. It soon became apparent while Puppy is an excellent Distro that it would no longer suit the direction I wanted now for LegacyOS.
      For the last 5 months I have been working on a new version of LegacyOS now based on antiX and hence felt it time to join the forum and say hello. Release date for LegacyOS_2023_64 will be mid to late January and will be hosted at SourceForge with older Puppy based releases.

      As with previous LegacyOS releases LegacyOS will only come with the Icewm as the default Window Manager.

      LegacyOS 2023 x64 released. now based on antiX.


        Hello, John.
        Welcome to the forum.
        (And I look forward to taking your new LegacyOS for a spin.) 🙂

        confirmed antiX frugaler, since 2019

        Brian Masinick

          Hello, John.
          Welcome to the antiX forum.
          I’m thankful for your expertise and look forward to seeing and using your antiX-based LegacyOS release!

          Brian Masinick


            Hello John Biles.

            Welcome to antiX Linux and the forum.

            I don’t know how to write in English and I send my texts translated by the internet translator. I hope you can understand everything, if your native language is not English, please translate my original Brazilian Portuguese text directly into your language with the help of internet translators.

            When you upload the LegacyOS ISO to SourceForge, if you want you can make an announcement in the area antiX Respins.

            When I was looking for a GNU/Linux community and distribution, I came across LegacyOS. But due to lack of information, I haven’t tested LegacyOS (because it’s frustrating to download an ISO, prepare the USB device and not be able to boot on the computer). You can detail everything that will be in the new ISO here on the forum, like the other ISOs based on antiX.

            – – – – –

            OlĂĄ John Biles.

            Seja bem-vindo(a) ao antiX Linux e ao fĂłrum.

            Eu nĂŁo sei escrever em idioma InglĂȘs e envio os meus textos traduzidos pelo tradutor da internet. Eu espero que vocĂȘ consiga compreender tudo, caso o seu idioma nativo nĂŁo seja o InglĂȘs, por favor, traduza o meu texto original em idioma PortuguĂȘs do Brasil diretamente para o seu idioma com a ajuda dos tradutores da internet.

            Quando vocĂȘ enviar a ISO do LegacyOS para o SourceForge, se vocĂȘ quiser poderĂĄ fazer um o anĂșncio na ĂĄrea antiX Respins.

            Quando eu procurava uma comunidade e uma distribuição GNU/Linux, eu me deparei com o LegacyOS. Mas por falta de informaçÔes, eu nĂŁo testei o LegacyOS (porque Ă© frustante baixar uma ISO, preparar o dispositivo USB e nĂŁo conseguir inicializar no computador). VocĂȘ poderĂĄ detalhar tudo que estarĂĄ na nova ISO aqui no fĂłrum, a exemplo das outras ISOs baseadas no antiX.


              Welcome to the forum.

              That’s a good new year resolution.

              Brian Masinick

                This is one reason I have always enjoyed the Linux ecosystem. Puppy Linux has been a very good ecosystem over the years for providing the basis for many different features of Linux. Over the past decade or so they’ve even created versions based on Debian, Slackware and Ubuntu, with others certainly possible.

                I’ve definitely enjoyed using various versions of Puppy and I also believe that some of the Live image methods and techniques trace back to KNOPPIX, Puppy, and Absolute Linux and also MEPIS and PCLinuxOS.

                On the systems I most often use these days antiX suits my style best for every day use but I do have multiple distributions because certain things work really well on certain distributions. Some distributions specialize in media production, others are extra strong in Web hosting and the same is true for many things. Of course Linux can be fine tuned for numerous tasks; ours is fine tuned for lean, efficient handling.

                I look forward to seeing the merger of antiX with the excellence of LegacyOS; it may very well carve out a slightly different niche that perfectly handles a particular workload and I look forward to seeing the results.

                Brian Masinick


                  Hallo John Biles, welcome to the forum.
                  Puppy, Pups and antiX ideals and many ideas fit well together.

                  Look forward to seeing if your newcreation will run on my not quite so old hardware.

                  Forum Admin

                    Howdy and Welcome.

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                      Welcome to the forum John!

                      AntiX, Lilidog, PCLinuxOS, Mabox, SparkyLinux, Bodhi


                        Welcome to antiX and the antiX forum. I look forward to trying out LegacyOS based on antiX. I tried out your earlier Puppy based system and I think I still have it on an old computer in my collection somewhere. But it’s been a while since I booted it. I use antiX on most of my old systems now, from Pentium-II to Pentium-4 with less than 2GB of RAM. Will your new LegacyOS system run on old Pentium-II/III/4 with 256M to 512M of RAM?


                        Brian Masinick

                          https://www.antixforum.com/forums/topic/legacyos-2023-x64-released-based-on-antix/#post-97760 is the thread where the software is discussed.

                          http://sourceforge.net/projects/legacyoslinux/ is the reference on Source Forge for 64 bit systems

                          Brian Masinick

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