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      Hello to all you antiX people & friends.

      I’m rather old in the computers world, since my first memories and knowledge come from the punching cards era. Not an IT professional myself (I’m engineer), nevertheless I use computers for my job as well as for hobby!

      My first contact with Linux has been around 2006 through Knoppix, and I was highly impressed from the fact that I could have an entire operating system working out of a cdrom including lots of tools and application software. Since a few months the O.S. of my laptop (windows 8) is severely damaged. I found and use antiX 22 from a live USB stick. It worked without any problem with secure boot off. It is true that I tried several other live systems like debian, devuan, ubuntu (from 14 to 22), mxlinux and perhaps others too, but none was able to boot even in live session. So I go with antiX, and think about some of my older desktop computers like core 2 duo and quad.


        Hi and welcome!

        I also found about Linux via a knoppix cd-rom that came with a magazine.

        antiX runs great (i.e. allows you to use a modern web browser) on basically anything that has more than 1 core and more than 1 Gb. I use it on a 32bits (single) laptop, with 1Gb and I can use modern web browsers, office suits, stream YouTube, etc… so your desktops probably will handle antix well!


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        Brian Masinick

          Welcome to the antiX forum @class413

          Since you’ve used computers and Linux for a while, you don’t need a lot of introduction.
          For me, I’ve been a computer user since 11th grade in high school, a UNIX user since 1982 and a Linux user since 1996, and bought my first home computer so I could experiment with Linux; I started out with dual booting Windows For Workgroups 3.11 and Slackware, upgraded WFW to Windows 95 and used Slackware whenever possible.

          I had to do some “homework” because my first Slackware version came from a book and the video drivers were out of date; fortunately I had a 3 1/2″ drive that I could use on my work UNIX workstation, so one day after work I downloaded the necessary video driver for the Micron P100 PC and upped the video from 640×480 to at least 800×600 and maybe to 1024×768, and from 8 colors to either 256 colors or over a thousand colors.

          I got a Toshiba laptop that I used for attending online graduate courses, and I ran mostly Caldera Open Linux eDesktop 2.4 on that one, along with Windows 2000, and I may have had a chance to put Windows NT on either that one or my next system.

          After that i had a Compaq d5000 desktop and I definitely had XP and by then I was using Mandrake Linux; shortly thereafter I got a Dell Dimension 4100 from Ziff Davis Media, put two disks on it and mega booted as many as thirteen systems including Windows XP, Debian, Mandrake, Red Hat, Libranet, sidux, VxWorks real-time, and lots of others for many years; I was able to test well over 100 different distributions in 8-9 years on that hardware.

          I definitely developed a preference for Debian-based systems, and I also had a fondness for running as many of those systems as possible in a live mode, which caught my attention with KNOPPIX, Feather Linux, Xandros, MEPIS, PC LinuxOS and more. When antiX was introduced to the MEPIS Lovers Community I immediately started using it before the first formal release, and I’ve used it ever since. These days I put antiX on every system I have except for a Chromebook; my systems span a decade and a half in age range, with my 2021 HP-14 as my newest.

          Brian Masinick


            Hello class413.

            Welcome to antiX Linux and the Forum.

            I don’t know how to write in English and send my texts translated by the internet translator. I hope you can understand everything. If your native language is not English, please translate my original Portuguese language text in Brazil directly into your language with the help of internet translators that you will get a much better result.

            Please read my real welcome in the Welcome to antiX Linux and the forum (antiX 19, 21 and 22) thread.

            (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese language)

            – – – – –

            Olá class413.

            Seja bem-vindo(a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum.

            Eu não sei escrever em idioma Inglês e envio os meus textos traduzidos pelo tradutor da internet. Eu espero que você consiga compreender tudo. Caso o seu idioma nativo não seja o Inglês, por favor, traduza o meu texto original em idioma Português do Brasil diretamente para o seu idioma com a ajuda dos tradutores da internet que você obterá um resultado muito melhor.

            Por favor, leia a minha verdadeira boas-vindas no tópico Seja bem-vindo (a) ao antiX Linux e ao fórum (antiX 19, 21 e 22).

            (Texto original em idioma Português do Brasil)

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