Hello World – using Antix Live-USB on my company laptop

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    If it’s the company’s computer, I use it within their rules.

    If their rules don’t allow me to do what I want it to do for personal use while traveling or something, then I have to use a different machine for that. If they want my help in an emergency and have made it so I needed to take my own PC on vacation, then they have to bear the cost of me also carrying their machine. They really shouldn’t expect me to work on vacation, but my level of dedication and ability to support in an emergency is another reason I’m worth having.

    And if they lock things down to where I can’t do my job, or breaking the programs I wrote in the past that were working fine for years, I get upset wasting their time (ie they are paying me the time to fix what they broke) trying to solve the obstacles they created, which is a shame.

    I got it to work using the work PC booted into antiX once the IT PC staff granted me access, but I couldn’t hibernate Win/10 and boot antiX for a while, and then resume Win/10, and a reboot (and getting everything back up and running) took 45 minutes, so I gave up on the whole thing.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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