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      Thanks to Robin’s instructions, Claws Mail is set up and working perfectly.

      Is there a way to backup Claws Mail IMAP emails to a .zip file (or some other format) to store on disk?

      Could not locate the option in the menus, on the internet or the documentation, but maybe there is different name for it besides “backup”, “export” or “compact”.

      Is “mbox” a file that could be used to transfer the emails back to gmail or any email server without using Thunderbird?

      I tried to save it to mbox without success (and likely did it incorrectly). Maybe it needs to be configured in configuration settings?

      Nothing in /var/mail/username or /var/spool/mail/username – no username or file.

      Are there some directions for backing up that I could be referred to?


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        Since I’m not running imap but pop access, so I don’t know how to save imap messages locally. But there is a hint found in their mailing lists:

        »You could also right-click on the inbox, choose properties, and mark
        ‘synchronize for offline use’. This will fetch all messages to the
        local cache whenever you run ‘Get Mail’«.

        Not sure how that might work.

        Other people state you need to create a local MH mailbox in claws mail and move the mails from the imap inbox to this local mailbox in the GUI first (left side MH folder tree menu). Then you’ll find them in the respective folder on your disk already.

        But the basic idea of imap is, NOT to have local copies of anything… so this is kind of defeating the point of IMAP.

        If nothing of this works, you can still ask people from Claws directly in IRC:

        From antiX main menu, section internet, open Hexchat. Connect to Libera.Chat network. Enter Channel #Claws. Say hello and ask your question right away (in English language). Might take some time (even hours, or next day) before somebody can answer, so just stay connected to the channel until you get a response. Would be great if you could let us know then what they have suggested.

        Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


          Robin –

          Your suggestion worked – was able to save the Mbox file to a hard drive. It even provides a preview when the file is opened.

          So again, thank you!

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