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      long story:
      i have antix 17.1 installed on an msi u100. i have recently tried to install the drivers for an epson scanner, but during install the installer wants to remove eudev and install udev. i think they are both the components that handle hardware and possibly from what i can tell the eudev is older, either way scanner not installed, need help. what info do you need elsewise vs how can i fix it to install?

      short story:
      want to install epson scanner
      installer wants to replace eudev with udev
      wont install

      thanks for reading


        Could you please provide the exact name of the scanner or printer.

        Normally for epson you download something like a iscan-bundle for epson
        If you click on this iscan-bundle-xxxx.deb,
        you will see a
        In this directory open a terminal (in rox-filer, see second picture below, it’s right-click(besides–>window–>terminal here)
        and type

        sudo sh

        This should work even though gdebi-package-installer complains about udev.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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