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      Hello everyone,
      I downloaded the latest version of antiX17 x64, I am aware that there are 4 types of persistence but I need help in choosing which is better for me; I need the one that leaves no trace of the of browsing or files downloaded or read. I have tried personalizing an 16.04 Ubuntu and and creating a live version using Systemback but I am running out of space since I have shrunk my only partition for 15GB(windows 10 installed alongside) and after the job was done the remaining space is 1.9GB and that is not enough for the operation.
      The conclusion is that I can use Antix as non persistence but I don’t really understand which is the closest to what I need.
      English is not my native language so if any clarification is needed please ask.
      Thank you for reading.

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        I think you want just the regular live session with NO persistence option.

        Unlike other distros, our live usb will still save certain important hardware information about your computer, like your network configuration, even without persistence enabled (don’t worry, you can turn that off too).


          Thank you for the quick response.
          As long as no other data is left besides the hardware I should be just fine. Is there as well a chance that I can add another browser before making the live cd?


            can add another browser before making the live cd?
            Sure. Prior to running isosnapshot or live-usb-maker (or live-remaster, FWIW), make whatever changes you want. Those customizatons will be present in the resulting copy.

            leaves no trace
            If you have sufficient RAM, you can add bootline option toram and, post-boot, remove the boot device.
            ^—- just like Tails Linux
            Mentioning this b/c LiveUSB is a much more pleasant experience than sloooooow LiveCD

            Forum Admin

              Myself I would set up root persistence, modify the USB with the programs I want / do not want. Run a remaster to save the changes to a new linuxfs file. Reboot without persistence. Then anytime you would like to update your USB you can load it with persistence, make your changes and remaster again.

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            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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