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    I’m a n00b to linux so take it easy on me fellas 🙂


    Howdy! The folks here usually are very helpfull!
    You’ve choosen a perfect time to start using antiX- this latest version (19) is the most newbie friendly version, also very nice looking- themes, icons, fonts, scripts to help users get stuff done without have to use the terminal, it all comes together in a almost perfect OS for any machine- from anciant to modern.
    If you are really new to Linux, and you come from Windows or MacOS, I would advise you to use SpaceFM as your default file manager- it has a much more “normal” look and feel than the refault ROX file manger.
    Also- read the manuals, watch Dolphin’s youtube videos to learn how to do just about anything you need.
    Some tips for all newbies:
    -Do you want to add new software? First try Menu- control centre – System and then manage packages- you can install internet browsers, java, steam and some of the most used applications from there, it’s a kind of antiX app store.
    -Do you want to add even more new software? – Menu- Applications – System- Synaptic- it may take a while to get used to a package manager like this, if you are really new to Linux- picture a “app store” that lists not just the application’s name, but also all the files that those applications need to install to run. Search for any application you need there and install it- Synaptic will download, install and configure any application.
    – Do you want to search for software you have installed on your computer and launch it?- App-launcher has you covered.
    – Do you want to add a quick launch icon to your toolbar (if you are using the default IceWM desktop)- no problem- Applications- AntiX -IceWM Toolbar Icon manager- click the field available on the window that pops up, select the name of the application you want to add to the toolbar and you’r set.
    – Do you want to configure a wireless network?- Connman does that for you.
    – Do you want to set up a printer? Look for the “Printer” icon on Control Centre
    – Do you want to watch a movie? GnomeMPV (plays almost anything, looks great, is low on resources)
    Etc, Etc, Etc.
    Most of what a regular user may need to use a computer is available out of the box in antiX 19.
    Last tip: if you want to keep antiX updated: Menu- Run – type yad-updater -click the ok button and a kind of terminal window will pop up and update and then try to upgrade your applications, keeping input from the user to the minimum (just type y or n when the windows asks you to select something 🙂 A very basic window will pop up and tell you when the process is finished…

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy antiX



    Thanks, PPC.

    Really looking forward to learning more about antiX linux.

    Thank you for your advice pointers and help.



    Welcome to antiX and Linux.

    What are you going to do with antiX? I use it on old computers as my default desktop OS.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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