Hi, I didn't introduce myself the last time I was here.

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      Hi all,

      I didn’t introduce myself, so I’ll do it now. I’m FourFlats (Mark) and I’m in Canada. Near St. John, New Brunswick.

      I’ve been using Linux (off and on) for years, but not particularly good at it. I guess that makes me a perpetual newbie. 😉
      Been into computers since the 1980s. Mostly DOS & Windows, I did own an Amiga 500 for awhile.

      Some of you may know me as Kernspy. I’ve been using MX-14/15 on my Lenovo laptop and the Acer M3800 Desktop for quite
      awhile now. I’m also a member of the MX forum.

      Right now, I’m using a System 76 Galaga UltraPro (about 3 years old) and it come with Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS installed on it.
      This machine has had almost no use in 3 years. A story for another time.

      All for now. 🙂


      Forum Admin

        Nice Intro. Howdy and Welcome from me.

        Sometimes I drive a crooked road to get my mind straight.
        I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute off it.
        Motorcycle racing is rocket science.

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        Brian Masinick

          Welcome to the forum Mark! Feel free to ask questions, and when you know the answer feel free to share what you think too.

          Brian Masinick


            Welcome aboard. 🙂

            Linux (& BSD) since 1999
            Ultra Small Form Factor & thin client computers


              Welcome & Howdy from Cajun Country down in the bayous of Louisiana. You’re like a cousin in another country.


                Welcome! I’m also new and very disorganized.

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