How do I (upgrade|downgrade) the installed linux kernel?

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    So you did the same on two laptops and on one the virtualbox-dkms built and on the other not?
    Which version of antiX is on the one, where it doesn’t build ?

    I’m not 100% sure that there were not error on the other laptop. I was looking the terminal during the rebuilding and I didn’t observed any errors. Βut I was late and I had to go and I didn’t keep the terminal output. At that moment I had the feeling that always went well, but after having seen the error on this laptop, I am no longer sure. Sorry.

    AntiX-17-base (32-bit) is on both laptops and I did the same to replace the default 4.10.5 kernel with the 4.9.75-antix.2-486-smp one. The only different thing I remember I did on this laptop is that I didn’t install the headers simultaneously with the kernel, but I dit it afterwards.

    This laptop (compaq with celeron, 512M RAM) seems to me somewhat slower after the rebuilding.



    Is it possible to replace the kernel of a Live-USB with another? The problem is how to boot into the new-installed kernel.

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    Yes it is.
    We have a tool called live-kernel-updater in the live section of the control centre to set the new kernel as default.

    These steps are needed.

    1. Persistence enabled and boot with persistence (root).
    2. Install kernel of choice.
    3. Remaster
    4. After remaster has finished, run live-kernel-updater and choose the new kernel
    5. Reboot into new kernel as default.

    If you are doing this on a low powered and on a box with less than 1 GB RAM, be patient. It will take a while.

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    Thanks for the instructions. On the laptop with 0,5G RAM, I got the message that the RAM is not enough for root persistence, but only for static. (The Live-USB is antiX-17-base, dist-upgraded & remastered.)
    Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow on the other laptop, with 1G RAM.



    I followed the instructions on the laptop with 1G RAM and everything went well. At the end, after having rebooted into the new-installed kernel (4.9.75), I rebuilt dkms modules (no errors) and uninstalled the pre-installed (4.10.5) kernel and headers.


    hello andfree and everyone
    antix16 machine moved from 4.9.6 to 4.9.82-amd okay.
    Thank You anticapitalista for this great bulk of work on kernels. Thank you for the 4.9.82 kernel.

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