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      dist-upgrade broke my apt-get
      I must have missed reading something.
      This is the error I am getting:

      apt: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version
      GLIBCXX_3.4.32' not found (required by /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
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        I suppose that you are using SID, which is a test version? Maybe Debian package contents search can help you somehow?


          Are you running Sid without systemd dependent packages?


            Yes no systemd

            I decided to start the conversion from antix stable to sid again.
            What should I do before doing dist-upgrade to not have the GLIBCXX errors so not to lose apt?

            See this post continuing where this left off.

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            • This reply was modified 1 month, 4 weeks ago by maybl8.

              i have had the same problem / error message
              when unintentionally enabling unstable repo’s manually.

              as i don’t wanted to fully upgrade to the next/future/upcoming
              version, i found a way to get apt & synaptic working again.

              see the attached file for instructions.

              its a script that displays its own content –after copying the text to the /tmp folder–
              (it contains instructions and explanations) on the console or in a terminal.

              You can view it or run it after unpacking.


                upload 2nd try of file, uncompressed, no shebang

                Brian Masinick

                  @xnaqxbeus :digression: your thumbnail image looks like “Uncle Fester” from “The Munsters”! Good memories!
                  Speaking of the Munsters, have you seen the series, “Wednesday”; it’s good too. :end digression:

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                  Brian Masinick


                    Hi ZnaqxbeuS,

                    Your approach sounds useful in general if someone finds incompatible packages have been downloaded that blocks normal functioning after a “one time” Sid or testing upgrade to get one or a set of newer versions onto their testing or stable install.



                      Hi Brian,

                      thanks for the kind response and welcome.

                      short digression:
                      Image is Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster.
                      There is a libera chat (antix) that may be used
                      for digressions if the moderator (robyn?) does not complain.
                      end digression

                      As the immutable bit does not work on links, — see error messages when running the commands —
                      we could make a fake link to the actual file and “fix it in concrete” with the following steps
                      (you need to be root; i have not tested if the immutable bit works on a bind-mount):

                      mv link-name link-name.old # keep the original name
                      touch link-name # create a file with the orignal link-name
                      mount -o bind file-to-link-to link-name # bind mount (fake-link) the two files together
                      # chmod +i link-name # untested
                      # to get it work at every boot, you may create a little script with the commands above
                      # that could be called from rc. local (and add the script call to skel/rc.local also
                      # as it seems any update from the system will re-write rc.local
                      # if you know a better place where to call from/place that script, please let me know
                      # thanks)



                      Brian Masinick

                        Yes, I see “Grandpa” this time!
                        Interesting enough I have my granddaughter with me now!

                        She’s supposed to be napping right now but I can hear her jabbering and she hasn’t really napped, but she’s not crying or complaining either so it’s all good.

                        Regarding your proposed tool I have used similar commands in the past. Though I don’t have anything to mount or test at the present time your approach looks plausible.

                        Hopefully a few people can verify your idea and check it out

                        Brian Masinick


                          for “concreting a link” ….

                          I am not worth of the credits, as I have to state,
                          that the idea of bindmounting a file to preserve it from changes came from
                          a thread –preventing file changes– , which I stumbled upon when
                          surfing there for informations …

                          after a short on-the-fly test I posted it here,
                          the only addition of mine is the immutable proposal ,,,,

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