How do you access your local drive from a live disc?

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    Here’s a question, is it possible to create an antix image that auto-mounts all drives it detects? I’d setup a vm, and add that line of code myself if needed. (though I’d need to know what that line of code would be)


    that is the “code”, append that to the booline and all drive partitions should be mounted
    (someone else can confirm that this also causes automated prompts if encrypted partitions are involved)


    Right, but thats on a flash drive. i want to create an ISO image with that, then burn that image to a disc.

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    Right, but thats on a flash drive. i want to create an ISO image with that, then burn that image to a disc.

    The boot options are basically the same for an iso and a live-usb. So you can use “mount=all” on a live-cd/dvd made with our existing iso files. If you want to skip the step of typing in the cheat and have it “hard coded” into the iso then I can give you instructions for how to do that. You basically need to change the file /boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg in the iso. There are several ways to do this.

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    For a bootable CD/DVD, the APPEND line as seen here —}/boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg
    is where you would need to add the mount=all declaration

    Prior to running the “isosnapshot” tool, if you edit /etc/iso-snapshot.conf and specify
    you’ll be offered an opportunity to hand-edit the working_dir copy of isolinux.cfg & other files

    edited to add//ask:

    BitJam, hoping you will post to fill in the details for one of the “other ways”:
    1) git clone
    2) edit/customize the contents of the various files
    3) make

    Looking to hear “make suchandsuch target” then…
    then you can edit suchandsuch then “make ___” (all?)

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    Here’s a question, why would you want to create an antiX image that auto-mounts all drives it detects and possibly render it unusable for Windows 8 & 10?

    The advantage of auto-mounting is: it saves you exactly 1 (one) single click, but …
    The disadvantage of auto-mounting is: it might cause the file corruption on some OS.

    Normally, you would:

    1. Start Live CD
    2. Open Space FM file manager
    3. Browse the files
    4. Shutdown

    If you would have auto-mountig, you would:

    1. Start Live CD
    2. Open Space FM file manager
    3. Browse the files
    4. Shutdown

    Scratch, scratch, scratch …


    You ever go back to a topic/subject you previously said, and smacked your forehead because you missed something? Thats how I feel right now.

    Thank you all for the replies! Now that I know where to look, to gain access to the local files, I’ll burn this image to a disc and try again.

    Quick question, will the live disc auto-mount a flash drive I plug in after the machine boots?

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    It should do.

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    Excellent. I’ll post an update, when I can next try this. Should be Monday, maybe Sunday Night. Thanks for the help all! Its apreciated


    All it matters is -- it was worth the effort!


    ok, so I’m in! But I’m running into a new problem. every time I try to access the drive, its throwing an error saying ‘your not root’.

    when I try to mount it as root, its saying ‘mount -options noexec, nosuid,natime’ Anyone know what this means, and how to mount it as root?

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    Please don’t get me wrong, I’m just counting 2 + 2 together …

    So, I have an old computer, completely riddled with viruses.

    I’m a complete linux noob.

    1. Try something user friendly, that ‘just works’. Vanilla Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS (Trusty Tahr) or Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (Bionic Beaver)

    2. Use free and user friendly Rescue DVD, which was meant to be used by ‘linux noobs’ and for rescuing Windows.

    COMPUTER BILD-Notfall-DVD Free

    3. If you don’t mind that it’s not completely free (you need to buy 1 issue of a magazine with a DVD supplement), use professional rescue media with ‘linux noobs’ in mind (but suitable for experts too), with 4x 1-year licenses for 4 AV-Programs included and a bunch of tools for any needed repair.

    Desinfec’t 2018

    Going to IT specialist around the corner might be a better idea in that case. 😉

    If all that doesn’t help, going to some IT specialist around the corner might still be the best idea.

    Rescuing something “completely riddled with viruses” is more then a simple “recover some data off of it” since the recovered files themselves already pose the danger for a fresh install.

    It might be that 2. & 3. come with German as default setting, but it can be changed to English almost for sure.


    Yea, you might be right. I was really digging those desktop resource monitors.

    But it seems like I keep running into problem after problem with AntiX. Honestly, if I had an external IDE reader, I would have just connected the thing to my linux box, and got the files that way. Sadly, I don’t. So I have to work with what I have…ah well.


    Don’t know what to tell you since, if I start the antiX, it does what my post #19126 shows.
    However, the fact is that antiX makes a pretty bad rescue media, no matter how.

    Also, rescue media should boot (almost) anything and everything.
    The only Linux distribution that does that is Ubuntu.
    (They use signed UEFI bootloader!)

    Rescue media for Windows needs at least one reliable AV program and if it brings some useful tools, it’s a plus.
    antiX is a fine operating system, but completely useless as a ‘rescue media’ in my opinion.

    By the way, ‘those desktop resource monitors’ is called ‘Conky’ and it can be easily installed anywhere.
    Many rescue media CD/DVD/USB’s (like Parted Magic) brings it OOTB.

    Desinfec’t has them too, as you can see from my screenshot.

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