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      Thanks robin,
      for a very good breakdown, we often forget that with efficient programming the older processors pack a powerful punch. In aero
      and space applications 286 and 386 still abound, plenty fast enough, especialy when programmed in assembler, reliable and radiation resistant due large structures. What cripples is bad code, especialy java script which is the epitome of ineffiency.
      One very important point you noted is use a decent mail client. That is way more efficient than memory and processor hogging webmail
      Gmail shovels a huge script load on to the computer.
      Thunderbird was mentioned, not my personal choice but fine if all the extras are needed.
      Claws looks sort of freaky and old fashioned, but it is a very powerful client with a small footprint. Figuring out how to setup filtering took me a while, now I setup with autostart on login and regular auto download of mail for all users. Very useful setup.
      According to the FAQ claws can be setup for Gmail.


        Again, under the “it depends” catagory –

        If you use uBlock Origin or NoScript you will not be able to use “Cloud” applications, such as Google Workspace or Office 365. That is fine for many people. Not everyone needs to use JavaScript applications. But, again, we don’t know what the OP considers is a “daily driver”. In my case, I use Google Workspace as a daily application in my business, so that would eliminate most under powered 32-bit machines, as I have already shared. But maybe if I worked as hard as Robin to upgrade the graphics and other settings in Firefox I might be able to use some of my 32-bit machines better. If that was the only choice I had I would do that.

        I have had some success with some 32-bit machines with using cloud office sites but as far as having over 100 tabs in Firefox it is not happening on my equipment. It can be “tolerable” and I can work in a few tabs and also open some local office apps at the same time. But it is an exercise in patience. A lot like watching paint dry.


        Brian Masinick

          I can add a few observations regarding 32-bit implementations. While on one hand they work, on the other hand the number of remaining 32-bit distributions and the number of applications for those 32-bit distributions is also limited.

          We know from our own work that our development team often has to compile software for the 32-bit systems and that is also more and more difficult.
          Impossible? No; difficult, yes.

          In my opinion those who are able to acquire and use 64-bit hardware should do so. Even my old stuff is now 95-100% 64-bit.

          Don’t let any of this discourage you IF you are able to handle it and especially if you can build 32-bit software from source code; just be aware that it is a lot of work.

          Brian Masinick


            I am a BIG fan of playing with old computers. It is my hobby, after all. But I hope that many more people can get their hands on some “old” 64-bit computers, like a Core2Duo, or even an Atom dual core. Sometimes these old machines can be had for the asking. But I do know that for some folks it is not that easy to find a “new” old computer and they have to use what they have. For those who have no choice, Robin’s experience is a positive example of what is possible.

            Even though I am curious I am not likely to embark on such a project for my own personal needs. My hobby is limited and I still have my day job running our business. I play with the hand-me-downs in my lab but I upgrade to new equipment and run Windows. That flies in the face of all that is decent in many corners of the Linux world. But I have to get stuff done and I can’t spend all of my time trying to get my old Pentium-III and Pentium 4 systems to work with “the cloud”. And I don’t need to. I have the choice. And I choose to use newer equipment as my daily drivers.


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