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      My son gave me a HP 4100N laserjet monochrome printer last year, cast off from his place of work. I have it connected via a usb cable and adapter from its centronics (parallel) socket to one of several pcs or laptops as required.

      It prints well most of the time as long as the document is a simple one, but complex pdf especially where colour is concerned cause it to accept and begin to process the document, as indicated by the small screen on the printer, but the motor never starts up, and printed sheet never appears. If I cancel this document via the print queue option, it sometimes carries on reporting processing despite the job being erased from the print queue. A colour pdf single page document it failed to print today was only 617kb, yet two previous single page but simpler and monochrome pdf documents were printed immediately beforehand without trouble.. Running the linux diagnostic reports that result codes are present for the device, that data is being moved to the printer. It will print the linux test page without difficulty.

      The rom board is in slot1, it has a 32mb ram board in slot 2, slots 3 and 4 are vacant. It will accept up to 256mb ram states the manual, in ones or twos.The 100 pin simm is available to upgrade as 32, 64, 128 and 256mb units. I am making the assumption that there is a shortage of memory, although why 32mb is insufficient to print a 6”kn document I cannot say.

      Any comments or solutions will be most welcome. Thanks in advance.


        My son gave me a HP 4100N laserjet monochrome printer last year, cast off from his place of work. I have it connected via a usb cable and adapter from its centronics (parallel) socket to one of several pcs or laptops as required.

        Just my comment, not sure if it will be of any help for your use of this printer:
        I am very familiar with this printer, also used at my workplace some time in the past. It is a very good b/w laser printer, excellent resolution.
        Looking at how you are connecting this printer (centronics parallel adapter to usb) I would consider the worst, unreliable connection IMHO. This printer is network capable (The ‘N’ in 4100N) as most of these printers were. The best and most reliable connection that works perfectly is with ethernet cable to network switch or router and define in antiX as network printer. I suggest give it a static IP address.
        I have a number of HP network printers, such as Color Laserjet 4550N and 4500N. They all work perfectly in antiX with no issues you describe or any other issues. They usually have 32M internal memory and it is perfectly fine. I use JetDirect (socket://…) referencing IP definition and Postscript driver. These printers are a treasure (as well as yours) and last forever…

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        Live antiX Boot Options (Previously posted by Xecure):


          Taking olsztyn’s recommendation I resurrected a disused 802.11 Thomson router/switch, connected it by ethernet cable to the 4100N printer, disconnected the usb cable and centronics parallel adapter that I use for cable connection, and went through the suggested routine to add a new printer, using the control centre hardware facility, print settings/add.

          This presents a list of optional ways of introducing the printer, due to lack of experience I chose the last in the list, marked AppSocket/Hp Jetdirect. Not being sure how to name the requested entity host, I entered the name of the wlan0 generated by the mentioned router/switch, which I have already set to be the same as my domestic household network. This wlan exists and I have connected to it from the laptop I am using.

          The add printer routine then requests a driver and presents a database of printer makers and types from which I selected HP and 4100n. The driver was apparently found and installed (from where I am not sure as I was not connected to the internet, but maybe it already exists in the linux system libraries), and I was then invited to print a test page, which as expected became a job in the printer job queue, and was shown there as processing.

          No activity was seen on the 4100n mini-screen, where jobs are reported as pending or processing before printing. The page is never printed, and the printer is reported as not responding.

          I have also looked into describing the new printer under the Internet Printing Protocol (ipp) protocol and declaring the IP address as (as per the HP documentation for this printer) but am stuck for the requested server host name, the process objects to whatever I put in this box.

          Any guidance you can offer will be gratefully received.

          I show the Network Assistant view of the setup I am trying to get working.

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