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    Hello there,

    I don’t know if this is possible on antix.

    I was thinking of integrating my Android phone with my Antix-PC.

    I want be able to get all my SMS, mail, WhatsApp, Incoming-call notifications from my phone on my Antix-PC.

    I found that it is possible to integrate an Android phone with a Ubuntu-OC. Read here & here.

    However, my actual concern is;

    If at all, I could integrate my Android phone with my Antix-PC with KDEconnect on the phone and GSconnect on the PC, is it secure and safe from the point of view of keeping my privacy and data on my PC safe. That is, we all know that Google, Samsung and other proprietary apps on the phone, infringe upon the privacy of the users. So if I connect my phone and PC with WiFi by installing KDEconnect on the phone and GSconnect on the Antix-PC, can google, Samsung and other apps infringe upon my Antix-PC.

    Considering the fact that GSconnect is GNU-FOSS, would it be safe?

    Thank you

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    linux is pretty safe but:

    If you are suspicious, like you use tor sometimes to get around ad blocker blocking for example you are tagged.
    Unless you heavily encrypt E Mail is in no way private. If you do so on an Android phone it is probably pretty easy to read after decryption. Same goes with Firefox. Mozilla is paid millions by google, sends every search to them, maybe more. Duck go seat is in USA, same must apply.

    If an agency has any interest in you they will tap wifi.

    Your Phone is the weakest point in the chain you are thinking of. Not Antix, that being said if you are using Firefox searches go to google, your internet provider knows much about your habits.

    Play store, if google is active on your phone checks where you are about every 50 seconds. Google maps tracks you, even when GPS is off. They look which wifi networks you are near. Google can remotely change settings Mozilla too. Many apps take all the data they can get.If you install the GIT Version of Net Guard and buy the Pro Licence, i did.
    It will shock you because you can see that your phone likely as not makes HUNDREDS of connections hourly without your knowledge or permission. Many can be blocked.
    You can remove/kill Play store, and many bloat and spy apps with adb, plenty of howto in the net, or buy a non Google Phone. Not Apple. The play store version Net Guard app can not block ads and trackers as does the GIT version. It can not block the base Band Chip so if that is US controlled it may well be backdoored.

    While claiming China wants to Spy…
    All us companies are part of the world wide surveillance network. they are, no matter which things they claim cooperating because they have too. US and the eyes Network knows more about computer and phone users than we do ourselves.


    Ah! that was a horrible picture, Moddit. Makes me want to run away from this prying, but there is no place where there is privacy on planet earth, if you are holding your mobile phone in your hand. You connection to your friends and loved ones, your simple livelihood, comes at the cost of your privacy. Liberty, privacy, democracy, constitutional values are all hoaxes. That’s planet earth. Long live greed & appropriation.

    The only hope for unassuming beings on this planet is, FOSS. Otherwise, you are just fodder for the corporates.

    Coming to the relevant issue;

    linux is pretty safe

    Is it so, in the context of my question here? I mean;

    when I connect my Android phone to my Antix system through KDEconnect & GSconnect, is it not possible to push unwanted prying software into, or steal data from, my Antix system through the Android phone, (the Android phone which is nothing but a prying, and stealing tool in the disguise of your communication device)?

    How safe is it or can be? How to make it safer in this AndroidPhone-Antix/KDEconnect-GSconnect setup?


    hi anilkagi, the picture for privacy is worse than horrible,

    KDE connect can allow you to send a lot of commands to the phone, if you really see the need
    do some testing with a USB live system, junk e mail account and some junk documents.

    In the description for KDE connect it states you can Send output of any command to your phone, enough for me
    not to use it on a system where i have any personal information.

    If E mail is open KDE Connect can send a screen shot to phone, if it is possible to control
    android from afar, it is known google can, that could well be sent to most anywhere.
    I would not have any trust in connecting my computer through such a powerful interface google Android/kde
    connect. Might be somewhat better with an AOSP based system on a non google phone.

    On my phones, an android device (Lenovo Note rooted) without google and Bloatware is relatively quiet.
    Newer phone tries to connect to 81 web adresses which are not needed to provide functionality. Net Guard is blocking those. I removed or disabled as much bloat as possible, this is what remains.

    If you use IMAP your E Mail will be in Synch as long as you have a network connection.

    Maybe others might disagree, I am not a candidate for either of the mentioned tools.

    I do have things to hide, bank data, e mail, Adress book, Passwords which are plain text after decryption and so forth. I am very sick of the total surveilance which really got up to speed from Prism on. if the money had been spent on jailing criminals terrorists pädophiles and corrupt politicians the world would have become a better place. Now it just seems to get worse by the day.

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    Never entered my mind as I roasted dinner in a campfire at a campsite using my phone as router for my AntiX laptop.

    Sometimes I drive a crooked road to get my mind straight.
    Not all who Wander are Lost.
    I'm not outa place. I'm from outer space.

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    The short answer is “NO”. Safety is up to you and is different for everybody. Personally I am not worried that my location is tracked on my phone. I use the GPS feature as part of my business. And I use e-mail in my business but I do not expect it to be “safe” and I use it that way. Don’t share anything you can’t afford to lose.

    And I don’t wish to start an argument but sharing meta data is NOT the same as surveillance. If an agency WANTS to do surveillance they will do it, even if not sanctioned by the law. But moving meta data around for the purpose of making software more customized for those who want the convenience is not surveillance.



    Never entered my mind as I roasted dinner in a campfire at a campsite using my phone as router for my AntiX laptop.

    As long as you put your phone under a foil tent you’ll be fine 🙂


    Moddit, thanks for the studied information.

    Ah! that buries my hopes of integrating my phone with computer.

    Thanks for saving me from taking a blind plunge.

    Don’t share anything you can’t afford to lose.

    Ah! I suppose this approach can be built upon to construct a usable system, where you can utilise things and still remain safe.

    This prompts me to start this thread – How to create isolated, underprivileged but standard user accounts?

    I wonder Moddit & Seaken64, if we can create such user accounts, we can achieve utility & safety, where I connect the Android phone and the Antix system with KDEconnect & GSconnect to the first kind of user account I discussed in that thread and still remain safe? Could you please kindly take a look at the above mentioned thread?

    using my phone as router for my AntiX laptop

    When a phone is tethered through USB cable or Hotspot wireless and its internet is being shared by the computer, the Android is physically/wirelessly connected to the computer. Can Google, or the other installed Apps or any Malware on the Phone, push their prying software into the computer and extract data from it, while the phone is being tethered to the computer?

    Forum Admin

    No. Because my motorcycle password is strong.

    Sometimes I drive a crooked road to get my mind straight.
    Not all who Wander are Lost.
    I'm not outa place. I'm from outer space.

    Linux Registered User # 475019
    How to Search for AntiX solutions to your problems


    Hi Rokytnji,

    After reading your previous post, I wondered if “malware be pushed when phone is tethered to a computer”, so googled and got this link with the heading – This Android-infecting Trojan malware uses your phone to attack your router.

    ... redirect all traffic from Wi-Fi connected devices on the network into 
    the hands of cybercriminal attackers

    That made me more curious and thought I should ask. Is there any substance in what is in that link, then? And isn’t Android Hotspot tethering a similar process?

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    @anilkagi, was reading through this thread again and pondering on the extreme number of permutations
    involved with android phones and apps thereon.
    In the first post I read can google, Samsung and other apps infringe upon my Antix-PC, question there
    is do they need to. Samsung uploads your data to its servers without asking. Google can push changes,
    kill apps possibly remote control microphone and camera. Apps from play store have been caught doing
    that and more. google is in control of a huge proportion of dns, is extremely accomplished in fingerprinting
    browsers. gets data from Firefox, location through play store and maps. Maybe you have facebook on your phone,
    at first start it uploaded your contacts to its servers, it goes on and on.

    You say you googled and got this link

    I do not use goog directly, killed facebook whats app and bloat, installed netguard from git before inserting sim card and switching on phone.
    Is it safe. Not to my mind,

    This thread has me thinking about how long it took me to get my Xiaomi Note 5 Pro phone as far as possible free of crap.
    I dreamt adb cmmands in the end. Soft breicked it several times too.

    Now thanks to the most genius president of all time I can buy a google free phone with more language support than english and chinese.

    And it is pretty cheap because the sheep all want google and play store. i have not been to that place of lies and business interest for years
    and do not in any way miss it. Net guard from play store can not block ads, many other apps can not be made ad free if they want to be on
    P store.Screws up the business model for goog.
    I had owned two china only Lenovo phones already, plus one xiaomi which is excellent hardware with crappy adware and bloat, k3 Note was
    groundbreaking, I still use it on occasion as travel phone..

    Looking forward to a Huawei P40 Lite with 128g memory for about 200 Euro. AOSP based Android.


    That was a nice post, Moddit. An eye opener.

    What I did was, I have two phones. I bought a cheaper one, 512MB 4GB Quad-core 1.2GHz, to carry out adb exercises, (I was not confident, because I didn’t know anything about ADB. Thought I could brick the phone.), I struggled and made it almost free of google I think, and any other playstore apps. To my surprise, after cleaning all the bloat this cheaper phone is doing its job fine. And then I have another phone, Samsung 6GB 128GB 2.3GHz 1.7GHz Octa-Core (I thought South Korea is better than China as it is more democratic, but of late, I don’t know when Democracy became Corporatocracy.) I had to buy this phone recently after the earlier phone bricked. No I don’t play video games. There were not enough models with lesser HW configuration, to choose from, on the Amazon store due to Carona scare and had to shell out more than I wanted to. I thought after a couple of years I could install another OS and conduct some ADB excercizes and do other experiments and this higher configuration phone will be usefull then in those times when I would need those higher HW configurations. I have left this phone unchanged and I use what google and other apps have to offer and let them take what is available on that phone. There isn’t much there. I haven’t installed many apps there too. WhatsApp is there by default, I use it sometimes. I added just a data manager, a payment app linked to a Bank account just opened for that purpose only (There isn’t much money in it. I add as I consume.), the FOSS app Blokada and Netguard from Fdroid. Like you, I hate the app-store, but I visited it to add those above mentioned couple of apps, but as long as I was there, I was shivering as if I had entered some street of thieves. I do still. Sadly Fdroid doesn’t have apps that can do those jobs. I don’t use Facebook on my phones. (Actually I should be. Using FB on such phone is better than using it on a personal computer. Though I use Facebook on my computer, I use it very rarely now. About 5-6 times in a year since the last 2-3 years.) The main purpose of this phone is Hotspot, travel and local bill payments like electricity, gas, movies, etc.

    I am looking forward to a phone with easily unlockable bootloader and on which the users can install a Linux OS and install apps from repositories.

    Cleaning the phone before inserting sim card, was a nice tactic, Moddit.

    And then regarding browsers, I.E. on my computer (I browse more, 99%, on my computer than my phone, 1%.). I don’t know if this helps or not, or is it just my illusion. I keep three browsers, one FF, which is tweaked for security and another Chromium, which I have left as it is (The ads are blocked by Antix Menu > Control center > Network > Ad Block). I do activities which need security like Banking, on FF (here Startpage is the search provider), casual browsing on Chromium (here Google is the search provider) and then there is the rare Tor. I tried to install GNU Icecat browser but failed. I should seek help.


    You can not really brick your phone with adb UNLESS IT IS ROOTED. You are only removing for user, 0 or 1 depending on setup.
    i can run two users with different profiles.
    You can make a phone unusable and have to do a factory reset. Rarely disconnect the battery, easy on lenovo
    K3 Note because back just comes off. My redmi Note 5 Pro is a bit more tricky but not glued back.

    Before buying a phone it is well worth going over to XDA Developers site and checking on activity. Also if the Bootloader
    can be officialy unlocked like XIAOMI or if tools are available to root. With tools be careful where you get them from,
    not all safe.

    I think I am correct to say that most Samsung phones can not be unlocked or rooted. The update policy is also pretty crappy
    to say the least.My daughters Galaxy Mini popped open and the Battery burnt. Lucky i was home and got it outside fast.

    Fdroid is at times out of date for apps like Net guard, just get from git and sideload. Aptoide is a pretty good play store
    alternative. As a messenger we use wire. APK is available from If you want that do check the sha256sum.
    If I download with computer I get a version with checksum way off. If you sideload, including from fdroid switch off allow
    unknown app install after every use. That is otherwise a wide open door to malicous apps.

    Antix ad block is good, It is automated etc/hosts once more many thanks to anticapitalista for that.
    I add to the chosen lists manualy too, for some really annoying German sites.
    Just call up the install ad blocking tool from the menu, (enter passwd) select lists in box and install.
    Lists updated without duplicate entrys and kept my changes as well as creating a backup of my original list. Perfect.

    There are reasonably priced wifi hotspot devices on amazon, mostly unlocked for any 4 g or LTE network. Might be an
    worthwhile improvement over a phone on speed efficiency and security.

    Not sure on Ice cat, last time I looked cat was dead.
    On Phone I use Fennec (desert Fox), it has about:config so can be tamed somewhat.
    a payment app linked to a Bank account just opened for that purpose only (There isn’t much money in it. I add as I consume.),
    Good idea, unfortunately here (Germany) most banks charge too much for that to work economicaly.

    Thanks you are fertilising some interesting discussion.

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    Moddit, that was a very informative post. You just opened up the world before me.

    I wasn’t aware about netguard being available on github. For that matter I haven’t downloaded one single App from github. Always afraid to venture beyond package installers or I never thought it was safe to download and install Apps from github. Further, the MS acquisition made me stay away from it. So much so for ignorance. I just read a few articles on it, to shed my ignorance. Moreover, I always thought github is for developers and experts who know things and if at all I have to use any software from github I would have to build or work on it, which was more than I could chew.

    Aptoide. I had never heard about that. It’s good.

    I always feared my actions with ADB. Software reset is not such a big thing. I haven’t had the courage to root my phone yet.

    Yeah, I switch off allow unknown app install after every use. Fdroid is not that good, but there are some good apps and I am happy it is there. And yes, Antix ad block is good.

    Thanks for everything, Moddit.


    I never thought it was safe to download and install Apps from github. Some very useful stuff available.
    like net guard, ghacks user.js and a lot of linux stuff. My Antix has evolved to something others might be shocked about, but it is stable and serves both my and a number of users I support well well.

    I am not a fan of microsoft either, ever read a privacy policy for an MS product, you drown in stinking legalese slime. Mozilla is just as bad, compare to Palemoon to get what I mean.

    On rooting, if your phone model can be rooted and is out of garantie XDA is your friend. i started to root phones
    to get rid of some recommendations coming to my K3 Note as i was unable to get rid of them any other way.
    I also flashed a couple of modified ROM to that phone.
    Backup your data, get reputable advice and you will almost certainly be ok. i was sweating too, but still have the K3 note in high regard and on occasion in use. Brilliant device. My first ever China Import, it was fresh on china market.

    You say thanks, me too. I learn, get inspiration through many others, forum members, school kids, a very difficult lady user, K who seems to find every bug or unclear usage advice. it is also about my non financial donation to Linux. And other denizens of this planet.

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